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Safe Return To The Workplace Webinar

Safe Return To The Workplace Webinar – 10 Sept 2020

How do we return to work without compromising safety? Whilst lockdown restrictions are lifted and more people are returning to the office, businesses are trying to keep people safe, honouring social distancing rules as well as maintaining an effective and safe workplace. To do this, consideration needs to be made for people and their wellbeing,

The Office is Dead, Long Live the Office

The UK Office of National Statistics reported that in April 2020, 49.2% of the working adult population were working at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. For many this change to homeworking was welcome and many have predicted that after this crisis is over, the office set-up as we know will be dead.

LCMB Managing a safe return to our workplaces

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

On Sunday night, 10th May, Boris Johnson addressed the Nation and announced a “conditional plan” to reopen society and take England out of the current lockdown. Life will not return to our old normal anytime soon and we will have to get used to maintaining social distancing for some time yet. UK Government are understandably trying to

Managing a safe return to our workplaces

Managing a safe return to our workplaces

I am amazed by how quickly we have all got in step with our new reality of living with COVID-19, the restrictions needed to keep us all safe and to protect our NHS. We are all fast becoming masters of new ways of working and technologies. Personally, I have been using MS Teams to stay in

LCMB Releases COVID 19 Key Action sheets for NHS and UK company estates

Things are moving very fast due to COVID-19. We’re responding in the best way we can for our clients – in the past weeks we have been helping our clients including The NHS and other organisations to prepare for and respond to the pandemic. We’ve put together Key Action Sheets to help UK organisations and

Picture displaying air pollution

Climate Change – Ten Years On

LCMB has been in existence for ten years and we mark this year by looking at key topics that affect us, and how they have changed in the last ten years. Climate change has come a long way since “An Inconvenient Truth”, former United States Vice President Al Gore’s 2006 campaign to educate people about global

Picture showing a heart and a brain to symbolise productivity and well being

How our wellbeing world has changed in ten years

To celebrate our tenth birthday, over the next few weeks, and months, we will explore how building performance practices have developed since our founding. In this article, we look at how awareness of Productivity and Wellbeing has grown over the last ten years. Since 2010, an increasing body of research proves the surprising extent to

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