Workplace performance

Workplace performance

High performing buildings = high performing people. People drive successful organisations. That’s the starting point for all our work and we’ve delivered government supported groundbreaking research that prove and quantify how buildings boost or undermine our workplace wellbeing and productivity.

Workplace performance

Workplaces and buildings for your people to thrive

Make the right changes to your organisation’s Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) – in other words the conditions that people work in – and your organisation will enjoy operational cost savings but most importantly, will benefit from increased staff wellbeing and output.

Key IEQ factors every organisation should carefully control include air quality, noise, light and space.
Transforming your people’s performance makes financial sense: even a modest upturn in staff productivity generates the profits to cover the whole cost of running your buildings.

Workplace staff performance

Workplace performance

Every organisation can create Productive, High Performing and Healthy Workplaces

There’s overwhelming evidence that our workplaces dramatically impact our productivity, performance, health and wellbeing.
Research shows that UK businesses and organisations are sitting on potential 2 – 3.5% productivity gains by optimising their workplace.
Research from Harvard University, The World Green Building Council, The Stoddart Review and our Government supported research show how workplace conditions affect people’s cognitive capability and performance to a startling degree. 

For example, government supported research carried out by LCMB and Oxford Brooked University showed that by lowering CO₂ levels from typical office levels to optimal levels, people’s cognitive test scores improved by 12% and tests were completed 60% faster. Read more about the research.

Workplace performance

Increase your workplace productivity

No cost / low cost ways to improve organisational output – the business case.
An example office building which houses 200 employees, each earning the average UK full time salary of just over £35k per annum, will cost an employer approximately £8.5m per annum including NI and pension costs.

Through simple low and no-cost workplace interventions, annual productivity will increase by 2% to 3.5%, which over ten years compounds to an additional output of £1.7m to £3m. Get in touch for a free calculation of your potential returns.

Staff & workplace performance

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