Energy services

Energy Management

Energy Management

Performance Monitoring and Reporting
LCMB are experts in providing energy management services on behalf of our clients. We can produce energy reports for you which track your utility performance and compare it to benchmarks. This enables a data-driven approach to understand energy consumption, profiling and reporting to assist in areas such as accurate forecasting.

Energy Compliance
We can ensure that your organisation is complying with legislation, such as ESOS, DEC, SECR and GHG emissions reporting.

Energy Project Identification
We can provide expert advice on project identification which will result in carbon, energy, and financial savings. These may well be ‘invest to save’ projects with a clearly defined payback period and life cycle analysis. We can also advise on other funding streams to finance your journey to a low carbon economy.

Energy Services Case Studies

Cherwell District Council

Birmingham Airport Energy Champions

Birmingham Airport Step Change

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Energy Services

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