Building Performance Specialists

Building Performance Specialists

Transforming your buildings into highly productive workplaces that help your people to thrive. We help to reduce your resources, operational costs and carbon footprint while enhancing your staff’s health, wellbeing and performance capabilities.

Harder working buildings

Creating a step change in your organisation’s performance

Our five main services – COVID-19 Secure Solutions, Workplace Performance, Facilities Management, Project Management and Resource Optimisation – combine to improve your organisation’s productivity and, ultimately, your organisation’s success by:

Making buildings COVID-19 secure and productive – optimising your workplaces to be safe, healthy and productive environments, supporting your employees’ wellbeing and performance, now and into the future.

Increasing output – improving staff health, wellbeing and performance, and your customer experience, by adapting how your building supports your people and organisation.

Increasing building value – supporting your organisation’s mission and strategy, transforming your buildings into valuable financial assets.

Reducing resource use and waste – lowering operating costs, energy use, carbon emissions and waste. We’ll also improve your building space use and utilisation.

Working harder to compound the benefits – a continual improvement cycle of ‘feedback, measure and improve’ increases your organisation’s output, ROI and building value.


The results?

  • COVID-19 secure and safe workplaces now and for the future
  • Improved staff performance, productivity and wellbeing
  • Reduced costs, energy and carbon emissions
  • Increased profit and return on investment
  • More innovative, adaptable and flexible workplaces

A healthier working environment means reduced resources and operating costs. Equally importantly, our approach transforms your organisation into a thriving, high performing and successful workplace.

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Optimising your workplace will make your staff thrive

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Talk to us today and learn more about how we can help optimise your buildings not only for the health and wellbeing of your people, but also for the success of your business.

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Covid-19 Secure

Working proactively to help you achieve compliance with the regularly changing Government and Health & Safety requirements, we’ll devise a COVID-19 Secure Strategy for your organisation and its long-term requirements, blending workplace and remote working.

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Workplace Performance

Does your organisation strive to increase productivity to improve your bottom line? Workplace wellbeing is a key part of the productivity jigsaw. Improving the internal environment in offices and working areas also improves staff wellbeing and performance.

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Facilities Management

Facility Management can be complex. From improving security and managing risks to identifying technological solutions, our FM consultancy service improves both hard and soft FM to increase efficiency, improve your ROI, and for better employee and customer experience.

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Net Zero Carbon

Our building cost reduction programmes significantly reduces your energy costs and consumption as well as your carbon emissions. Through renegotiating with your suppliers along with other efficiency driven tasks, you will obtain excellent results.

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Project Management

Most capital projects end up over budget, miss their deadlines and sometimes fail to meet specifications. Our extensive experience, attention to detail and ability to spot and avoid potential problems means that we deliver successful capital projects smoothly, on budget and on time.


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