Resource Optimisation

Reduce costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions​

Organisations are expected to lead by example when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, waste and energy consumption. As customers, stakeholders and regulators increasingly demand better standards, we can help you meet and exceed their demands and deliver significant cost savings at the same time.

Reduce your building's co2

Resource Optimisation

Resource Optimisation

For most modern organisations, after their people, real estate represents their largest cost and biggest area for competitive advantage.

Our experience shows that cost reductions of 15–25% can be achieved in the cost of operating real estate by critically assessing an organisation’s building related costs and activities.

In order to achieve sustainable cost savings, optimal energy consumption and long-term reductions in carbon emissions, we provide a combination of strategic and technical skills. Additionally, we provide an unrelenting focus on aligning the operation of your real estate with your business needs.

Resource Optimisation

Our Approach to Resource Optimisation and Cost Reduction

For best results, we adopt a forensic approach to account for every aspect of your organisation’s built environment. Our work typically includes:

  • Understanding the detail of all your real estate costs: this helps prioritise actions.
  • Reviewing your space efficiency and ensuring your real estate plan aligns with your organisational strategy.
  • Closely examining your real estate team structure, and that of your bought in 3rd party services.
  • A granular audit of your energy use and costs, and your maintenance programmes.
  • Engaging your staff and end users, challenging everything but staying flexible.
  • Working to deliver quantitative cost savings and resource optimisation targets.
  • Setting qualitative targets, normally key short- and long-term success factors for instance, clinical outcomes in a hospital.
  • Delivering cost savings and other optimisations, reviewing results, feeding back and improving.

Resource Optimisation

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