Covid-19 Secure

Achieving COVID-19 Secure Workplaces now and for the future

Need to ensure that your workplaces are COVID-19 safe and secure? Our COVID-19 Secure Solutions service is constantly being evaluated and updated in line with Government recommendations, keeping your workplaces safe, healthy and productive environments.

Covid-19 secure

Making workplaces healthier, higher performing and more productive

Spending a huge proportion of our lives in buildings, it’s important that they are safe for us to live, work and thrive in. Since COVID-19 first appeared on our shores, LCMB reacted quickly to find the best ways to keep people safe in their workplaces, including blended workplace and remote working where possible.

All buildings – from offices, hospitals and places of education to our home working environments – need different considerations. The results are our tried, trusted and ever evolving COVID-19 Secure Solutions.

Covid-19 secure

Covid 19 Secure Brochure

Strategies for a safe and secure post-COVID world

Working with you, we will develop a strategy specifically for your organisation, its people and buildings. Fundamental to our approach is remaining compliant with the regularly changing Government and Health & Safety requirements whilst looking forwards to a post-COVID world.

Depending on your needs, our strategies usually include:

  • Making your workplace COVID-19 secure
  • Helping your employees gradually return to the workplace and/or work remotely
  • Ensuring everyone can operate both safely and effectively wherever they are
  • Regular monitoring all the above
  • Help you reimagine your workplace purpose, configuration and sizing to suit the lessons learnt during COVID-19

Our brochure provides more information on how we help to keep your workplaces COVID-19 secure. Download it below.

Covid-19 secure

Here’s our essential checklist to a healthier, higher-performing workplace

Want to carry out your own risk assessment?

We’ve created a comprehensive checklist of everything an organisation needs to consider, from basic signage and one-way-systems to more detailed, behind the scenes yet essential requirements for employee and visitor health. Risk assessments identify many issues that may otherwise be missed, helping to safeguard your people.

Remember – social distancing, good hygiene with regular hand washing, and thorough cleaning are the most effective measures for reducing the transmission rate.

Download the Checklist here.

Covid Secure Workplace

Want more?

Download our COVID-19 Secure Solutions brochure or our COVID-19 Secure Checklist to carry out your own risk assessment.

To be sure you’re doing it right, ask us for help. Contact us using the details below. We’re here to help you achieve COVID-19 secure workplaces now and for the future.

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