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We can support you with all aspects of your buildings to make them more innovative, flexible and aligned to your needs. We’ll reduce your costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions, improve your staff wellbeing and performance, increase your return on investment on your buildings and improve your bottom line.
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Workplace Performance

Organisations strive to increase productivity in order to improve the bottom line. Workplace wellbeing is a key part of the productivity jigsaw, and by improving the internal environment in offices and working areas, we improve staff wellbeing and performance.

Facilities Management

Facility Management can be complex and costly. We improve both hard and soft facilities management to increase efficiency and for better employee and customer experience.

Net Zero Carbon

We design building cost reduction programmes for organisations to significantly reduce costs including reduced carbon emissions and reduced energy costs and consumption. We achieve results by making your organisation more efficient and by renegotiating with your suppliers.

Project Management

Most capital projects end up over budget, miss their deadlines and sometimes fail to meet specifications. Our extensive experience plus fanatical attention to detail and ability to spot and avoid potential problems means that we have a record to be proud of: delivering successful capital projects smoothly, on spec and on time.

Building performance specialists

Making your buildings work harder

“We spend up to 90% of our working lives in buildings, so at LCMB we’ve made it our mission to make sure that they perform as well as they possibly can. High performance to us means buildings that contribute to the long term goals of your organisation, allowing your people and organisation to thrive.

Get in touch to explore how we can help you achieve your goals.”

John O'Brien, Managing Director & Founder of LCMB

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Building performance specialists

Improve your buildings’ performance & productivity

Consulting, project management and hands-on-work so your buildings contribute to your organisation’s success:
  • Improve staff wellbeing, performance and productivity
  • Reduce costs, energy/consumption and carbon emissions
  • Boost hard and soft FM performance
  • Successfully deliver capital projects on time and on budget


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My LCMB Experience: Matt Bridges

Once I graduated from Leeds Beckett University, I had difficulty finding a role offering the development and support I sought after, to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. I applied for the Junior Consultant role at LCMB in January 2023, and the recruitment process was an immediate green flag. I think

facilities management goverment

How Facilities Management will deliver a smaller, better, and greener Government

Our clients at LCMB, and others within the FM sector appreciate how the quality of FM services can impact productivity, sustainability, and health and safety. Facilities Management teams keep our people and buildings safe and efficient, often with guidance and methods governed by law. However, until November 2022, the UK Government have never had their


How do we cope with the aftermath of “Trussonomics”?

The UK government’s failed experiment with “Trussonomics” over the last few weeks, has seen us go from a dash for growth with major tax giveaways to warnings. Our new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has said that taxes will rise, and public spending needs to reduce. Now the PM has gone. We are left with rising interest

Sam Brown

LCMB Welcomes Sam Brown as NZC Consultant

Sam Brown joined LCMB this October as an NZC Consultant, bringing with her a wealth of experience and passion for environmental policy and sustainability. Sam holds multiple academic credentials including a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science, a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Policy, and an MA in Environment, Policy and Society with Distinction. Prior to

Dominic Hayes

LCMB Welcomes Dominic Hayes as a Degree Apprentice Consultant

Dominic Hayes has joined LCMB as a Degree Apprentice Consultant, reinforcing our ongoing commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic growth. After successfully completing his sixth-form education in June 2022, Dominic initially received an offer to study medicine from a prestigious university. However, upon further reflection, he decided that medicine wasn’t the right career path

recruiting 2

Job opportunity: Senior Consultant – Built Environment Decarbonisation

Here at LCMB, we are currently recruiting for a Senior Consultant – Built Environment Decarbonisation. We are seeking a senior consultant to assist us in designing and delivering decarbonisation and other net-zero carbon solutions for buildings and their associated infrastructure. As a Senior Consultant, you will work closely with our world-class clients to identify opportunities

lcmb are hiring

We are recruiting for an apprentice to join our team

We’re thrilled to announce that this year, we are looking to take on an apprentice to join our rapidly growing business. At LCMB Building Performance Ltd we pride ourselves on making a big difference for our clients, their people, and customers, by making their workplaces and buildings better places to work. We do this by

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