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Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) are an extremely useful tool in monitoring a buildings energy consumption year on year.  It has been a legal requirement for public buildings over 250m² to produce these certificates since 2008.

Energy certificates

LCMB have accredited DEC Assessors who can produce these certificates. We have experience in producing DECs for hospitals, local authority buildings, schools, universities, and police stations.

Site visits are essential to ensure an accurate and meaningful DEC rating. As well as providing the individual building with a legally compliant DEC, it will also allow the assessor to identify issues that may affect future ratings and may be rectified at minimum cost. Advice will be given to the building occupier during the site visit to improve energy efficiency. Engaging the occupier to take responsibility for the building’s energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption and consequently carbon emissions.

Energy Services

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