How Can We Improve
Workplace Wellbeing In The UK?

Where to hire a workplace wellbeing UK expert
If your organisation is underperforming and there are signs of a lack of motivation among your employees, it is worth considering hiring a company that specialises in workplace wellbeing in the UK.

LCMB Building Performance is one such company. We help workplaces by creating effective strategies that focus on elevating staff morale and performance. When you opt to take advantage our services, you will gain real insights and practical, actionable plans that can take your business to the next level.

We believe that every workplace has the potential to reach high levels of performance, with results that exceed ordinary productivity. If you are ready to enhance what you bring to your clients and customers, you can rely on our service to help you achieve your goals.

How Can LCMB Make A Difference?

Your staff are your best resource, so we partner with each of our clients to develop an understanding of what their people need to perform at their best. One area we will look at is how your building premises can work for you, improving its critical functions to create an environment that’s more conducive to more effective working. We will also look at what can be done to minimise operation costs, ensuring that the business is making the most efficient use of its resources.

We have been working in the field of workplace improvement since 2009 and have built a formidable team of building performance experts. Our company offers effective workplace wellbeing training that lets you unleash the best from your teams and work environment to get the best results possible.

Many companies tend to try and find the ideal working conditions through trial and error, but this is rarely the most efficient method of operating. At LCMB Building Performance, any changes we make to your workplace will be backed up by the latest research and data. We can help you gain the following benefits:

Increased human resource performance
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Enhance staff wellbeing
  • Boost employees’ cognitive accuracy and speed
  • Achieve better overall performance
Operational Benefits
  • Minimise operation costs
  • Reduce energy waste
  • Optimise the use of building space
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Make the building an ambassador for your brand
  • Improve talent acquisition and staff retention

How We Do It

Our methods have proven to be instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of workplaces. Through carefully curated research over the years, we have developed a system that diagnoses the issues needing to be addressed, letting businesses zero in on the solutions and achieve the best outcomes for every project.

We utilise this system throughout all the projects we carry out with our clients, giving solid advice based on our years of research and experience as a workplace wellbeing consultant.

Optimise The Workplace

Our methods and systems ensure that every organisation we work with can reach its maximum potential. We take the time to iron out wrinkles in the processes and take the necessary steps to make a business thrive and get the most out of every effort.

Before we implement any steps, we carry out an Internal Environmental Quality assessment. This gives us insight into exactly what motivates your employees to come in to work every morning and uncover what barriers need to be removed to increase harmony in the workplace.

We also conduct a staff and customer review of all the aspects of the business. Hiring us as a fresh set of eyes on your business will inform you as to how others perceive it and how they feel about it. This new perspective is an effective way of seeing things from the other side of the table.

Facility Management

Businesses need the right equipment to function effectively, and putting the right tools in place can greatly enhance the way your business operates. This, in turn, results in better products and services for your customers or clients.

Equipment can automate tasks, making work faster and more efficient. It can also aid in reducing work-related stress. Freeing staff up from doing mundane, repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on their own areas of expertise will increase their productivity, motivating them to achieve more.

Our workplace wellbeing assessment will give us insights into how best to improve your company’s business operations for its particular needs, whether you run a service-oriented organisation or a product-oriented one.

Resource Optimisation

One of our goals is to promote environmental awareness among our clients. Resource optimisation is therefore an integral part of our method. Aside from saving money and caring for the environment by reducing carbon and waste, an eco-friendly workplace also inspires and motivates staff.

Project Management

What ties everything together is the implementation of the workplace wellbeing strategy based on the research and findings.

We ensure we conduct proper implementation and management of any newly acquired assets so that any addition to the company will be maximised. You can be sure that every investment you make will be properly delegated to the right people or teams with our team on the job.

Our Four-Step Plan To Success

1. Create the right conditions to make every member of the company productive
We believe that the right working conditions will naturally produce the best results. A good environment has the power to create more positive attitudes towards work and build a better character in everyone working in the organisation.

2. Make every space add value to the company
Space is one of the most underrated assets that a company owns. We make sure we utilise every inch of it in order to maximise your resources and ensure a smoother workflow.

3. Improve your brand’s image with a better building
Your building has the power to give great first and lasting impressions on your customers and potential employees. A well-located and brilliantly designed building will always instil a feeling of professionalism, which is critical to improving your brand’s image.

4. Future-proof the building
Investing in your building for the longer term will have practical and economic benefits. With the positive improvements we can suggest and implement, we guarantee that you’ll continue to get value out of your establishment for many years to come.

What’s Next?

If you would like to improve the wellbeing and workplace performance of your organisation, then now is the right time to act. With our thorough assessment and detailed action plan, you will be able to find existing assets you can capitalise on and identify what areas need to be improved.

Contact LCMB Building Performance for effective services that you can count on. Give us a call today on 01295 722 823 or email us at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of workplace wellbeing UK?
  • Perform an evaluation of existing policies to uncover how they affect mental health.
  • Ask employees how they feel at work and what they think about their workplace.
  • Make use of HR data like staff turnover and absence rates to illuminate and understand any problems.
  • Conduct regular interviews with employees to get their input.
  • Hire an external expert in mental health concerns to investigate employee sentiment.

A wellbeing and workplace performance assessment involves the observation and evaluation of the physical, environmental, and ergonomic needs of an employee while they are carrying out their role and duties.
During a session, an assessor collects a range of data from the employee. Then, this data is evaluated to gain more insights on the employee’s health and overall wellbeing.

Workplace wellbeing is defined as the condition of an employee’s mental and physical health as it is affected by various factors and dynamics in the workplace.

It is also about understanding your workers and their needs from a holistic perspective and prioritising their welfare. From a business perspective, having greater employee wellbeing awareness can improve both the individual’s and the company as a whole’s productivity and performance.

Workplace wellness refers to the activities and/ or organisational policies and programmes that promote a healthy work environment and encourage better habits, in order to improve employee well-being.

These may involve aspects such as health education, medical check-ups, and improving the workplace environment as a whole. By improving employee health, morale, and productivity, your company will save more money in the long run.

Holding workplace wellbeing workshops has both physical and mental advantages. They can lessen or mitigate any health risks in the workplace, reducing employee absences and increasing productivity. Not only that, but prioritising employees’ wellbeing can also improve their motivation, commitment, and performance, which translates to greater success for your organisation.

  • The type of leadership within the company and how it is managed
  • The effectiveness of communication within the company
  • The health and fitness status of employees
  • The working environment's space and condition
  • The state of an employee's work/life balance
  • The support services offered to employees
  • The employees' satisfaction with their jobs or tasks
  • By offering different kinds of employee benefits that promote wellbeing
  • By teaching employees how to handle their finances properly
  • By providing employees with proper education about mental health issues
  • By encouraging their hard work employees to improve their physical health
  • By building a culture that values individual team members and properly recognises
A good workplace wellbeing strategy should consider all factors that can affect an employees' physical and mental health. The right plan aims to prevent and manage problems related to stress management, business operations, employee absences, and more. With a well thought-out strategy in place, employees are encouraged to stay within the company, reducing the costs of staff turnover, and will become more productive.
  • Having a work environment that demonstrates the values and culture of the company. Having a healthy workforce environment can improve an employee’s overall wellbeing.
  • Providing policies and programs that promote comfort, health, and fitness for employees.
  • Promoting a better work/life balance and providing counselling services to employees for their mental health. 
How to introduce workplace wellbeing UK

Three Major Reasons To Prioritise Employee Wellness

1. Keep Employees From Leaving
An employee who feels appreciated is less likely to leave a company. Having a high turnover of employees has adverse effects, from higher recruitment and training costs to lack of continuity and failure to capitalise on experience. Employees who are happy in their roles tend to stay in post for longer and do their best to help the company succeed.

2. Healthy Employee Behaviour
Workplace wellbeing programs help employees embrace and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles. This reduces employee absence by managing the types of health risks that are likely to result in recurring illnesses.

3. Increase Employee Productivity
A happy and healthy workforce is proven to improve productivity, which thereby increases your business’ profits.

Importance Of Wellbeing In The Workplace

Organisations that hire workplace wellbeing companies have programmes that support mental health. These initiatives lead to a much lower employee absenteeism rate and improved productivity.

This productivity boost has been proven to result in greater profits for businesses. A study by the World Health Organisation found that there is a return on investment of around £4 in improved health and productivity for every £1 spent for treatment of mental health.

Taking care of worker health is a common-sense goal, both from an ethical and business standpoint. It makes sense because employees’ performance improves as a result, leading to more efficient business operations and a better reputation; thereby translating into a more successful and profitable organisation.

Benefits Of Workplace Wellbeing

Breaking the stigma of mental health
Companies are taking mental health more seriously nowadays because of the proven link between good mental health and good employee performance. Mental health issues should be brought out into the open, embraced and addressed, rather than being seen negatively.

Better employee engagement and retention
These days, simply offering higher salaries may not be enough to engage or retain the right calibre of workers. Employees are not keen to settle for short-lived perks anymore; working on deeper, behaviour-related issues such as improving the workplace environment or fixing problems within the company culture can lead to much better results.

Attracting more workers
Valuing employee wellbeing not only helps your company retain workers; it can also attract new applicants with valuable skills and experience.

Why Wellbeing In The Workplace Matters

It’s The Right Thing to Do
Taking care of employees’ mental health is one of the responsibilities of an employer. Ensuring that your establishment is a great place to work can go a long way in this regard.

It Improves Productivity
Properly treating employees and encouraging them in their roles always results in attaining better performance, which will benefit the company in the long run.

It Will Be Costly If Not Addressed
Mentally unhealthy employees tend to take more days off from work. This can lead to many problems, from a lower productivity rate to a high employee turnover.

How To Address Employee Wellbeing Concerns

Employee wellbeing is not just about physical health. It also heavily involves a worker’s mental health, happiness, and overall job satisfaction. As a business owner, understanding your employees from a holistic perspective and adopting a worker-centric approach are just some key aspects you can start implementing.

Healthy facility management involves practices that rely on employee sentiments. These sentiments are collected by performing a company-wide survey, and this data can be used to formulate an effective wellbeing strategy.

If you need help coming up with the best workplace wellbeing solutions, why not hire the experts? Feel free to get in touch with us today!

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