Energy services

Energy Audits and Surveys

LCMB have vast experience in conducting energy audits and surveys.

Energy review

Our audits are collated into an opportunities assessment report, which will:

  • Quantify the buildings energy consumption
  • Recommend practicable bespoke energy-saving opportunities
  • Assess and report on the cost-effectiveness of each opportunity identified
  • Use appropriate calculations to determine potential savings in terms of energy, carbon, and monetary value
  • Use simple payback periods for cost / benefit analysis
  • Provide consumption profiles for the site
  • Calculate carbon emissions
  • Rank proposed actions, recommendations and suggest an implementation schedule and programme

LCMB has many years of experience in identifying carbon and energy saving projects. We know what is realistic, achievable and how that will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.

We will accurately calculate the carbon and financial savings and estimate the project cost and payback. We can advise on the funding streams for projects, whether this be invest to-save, grant funding, loan funding, green subsidies or power purchase agreements.

We understand that no two organisations are alike. All will have their own key motivators individuals within organisations may have different agendas. Our plans are specifically tailored to perfectly fit your organisation and will achieve everyone’s aspirations and goals.

In addition, we can manage the project from design to planning to implementation and post project verification. Monitoring reporting and celebrating your successes of carbon reduction projects is just as important as the journey to get there.

We have a suite of carbon reporting tools that will track your carbon reduction. These can be displayed on an online portal or perhaps even in your reception for staff and customers to see.

Broomfield Case Study

Energy Services

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