Project management

Building projects on time on budget to specification

Large projects are challenging, typically with many moving parts, unforeseen problems and occasional moving goalposts. It’s not surprising that on average over 50% of building projects fail to finish on budget, time and achieve the planned outcomes, and over 60% fail to deliver their strategic aims. Unsuccessful projects waste resources and can damage a business’s performance in the short and medium term.

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Project management

Project Management specialisation

We have delivered on £3bn of built assets in many areas, including commercial, healthcare, education, industrial, energy and infrastructure, transport and warehousing, aviation and MOD.
We have particular specialist knowledge and experience in:

  • Building and workplace optimisation projects
  • Implementation and management of new built assets
  • Implementation and management of renewable energy assets

Project management

Our Project Management services

The reason so many projects are fraught with problems or even unsuccessful is typically due to a lack of time and resource invested in the early stage – precisely the time when ensuring a project’s chances of success is at its highest. We assist with all the key stages during a real estate project, from project concept to post project completion for projects to achieve their time, budget and specification objectives.
Our services include:
  • Project concept – Strategic preparation, brief preparation and definition of project objectives.
  • Project design – Appointing the design team, ensuring stakeholders users are fully engaged in the design process.
  • Pre-construction – Developing the brief into a technical design that delivers value for money, procuring and appointing the construction team.
  • Construction – Focus on project management and risk mitigation processes and resources, delivering the physical project on time, to specification and cost.
  • Testing and commissioning – Ensuring systems are properly tried, tested and witnessed before practical completion.
  • Project completion – Training users and maintenance teams to get the best from the building, closing out the final accounts and resolution of any issues with the supply chain.
  • Post project support – Soft landings & post occupancy evaluation to improve building performance in use.

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