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LCMB helps to produce Green Plans for many organisations across a wide variety of industries. .

Simply deciding on a date to achieve net zero is a task in itself. This date needs to be realistic and achievable without putting a burden on the organisation. We can advise on what areas are best to target now and which may be better in the future with advances in technology.

Green plan

Having a clear strategy to achieve net zero by your chosen date will provide comfort to your management team and stakeholders. Your carbon reduction targets will represent milestones on your journey and will be both specific numerical reduction targets and action-based targets. We can help you understand and set suitable and achievable carbon targets for your organisation.

A detailed project plan is a useful tool so that all stakeholders can visualise the net zero journey and exactly what is involved to get there.

Inevitably some degree of offsetting will be required and we can advise on which schemes will offer the best solutions for your needs. Offsetting schemes should be viewed as the very last resort and not side-stepping meaningful actions on reducing emissions.

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Carbon Services

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