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LCMB is a workplace performance consultancy that helps clients make their workplaces, buildings and estates efficient, economical, and environmentally sustainable.

Our consultants are subject matter experts who help clients navigate challenges, improve operations and achieve goals by offering expertise, objective analysis, as well as implementing and monitoring the recommended solutions if required.

10 - 15%

Businesses are operating at a 10-15% higher cost base than they need to. A typical optimised building of 2,500m2 housing 250 staff will add £265,000 to your topline and £50,000 to your bottom-line.

Efficiency simplified;
results amplified.

Every workplace has the potential to be more efficient and ultimately cost less to run.
To achieve this, you need an optimisation plan which looks to improve all aspects of the how your building is performing.

With limited in-house specialist knowledge and resource, and an ever-changing environment of regulatory requirements, technological advancements and market conditions, identifying a starting point, developing a plan and implementing a solution can be challenging.

LCMB can help

Businesses that reduce building costs and energy consumption, and improve workplace infrastructure, facilities and performance, will achieve cost savings, improve their bottom line, ensure regulatory compliance and create a sustainable future.

From concept to completion, LCMB offer a range of complimentary solutions focused on the optimisation of a workplace, building or estate.

You may be looking to be more efficient with your energy consumption. If that’s the case LCMB can help you reduce your energy use, better manage your carbon emissions and work towards achieving net zero.

Alternatively, the focus may be on optimising your existing building space. In this area, LCMB can help you minimise operational costs, improve building performance and increase workplace productivity.

Save Energy

Efficient Energy Consumption

Reduce energy waste, manage carbon emissions, achieve net zero.

Save Costs

Optimised building space

Minimise operational costs, improve building performance, increase workplace productivity.

Project management services

Concept stage to completion

LCMB will assist with all stages during the new and existing estate project, from concept to completion, delivered on time and budget.

15 - 20%

Businesses can typically achieve a 15-20% energy and carbon emissions reduction.

LCMB solutions

Improving the energy efficiency, performance and sustainability of a workplace is the quickest way to respond to rising energy prices and the need to lower carbon emissions.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Improving the energy efficiency, performance and sustainability of a workplace is the quickest way to respond to rising energy prices and the need to lower carbon emissions.
LCMB will audit your energy use and associated costs across the estate and identify energy and carbon saving projects, with cost and payback calculations and optimisation targets.

This will help you achieve sustainable cost savings, optimal energy consumption and long-term reductions in carbon emissions.

Optimised Workplace Space

An optimised workplace will minimise your costs, reduce waste and increase the productivity of your assets and people.
LCMB will help you optimise your estate, people and supply chains.

We will optimise and improve your workplace by identifying, implementing and leveraging sustainable technological solutions that will deliver a cost reduction, whilst allowing your people to thrive through better workplace conditions.

Customer benefits

Our solutions will deliver tangible cost savings and provide a clear return on any investment made.

Become more sustainable

Improve your use of space

Drive tangible cost savings

Optimise resources, & performance

Your efficiency,
our expertise

Designed around a client’s business priority or starting point, LCMB offer a range of complimentary solutions focused on the optimisation of a workplace. The specialist team of workplace performance experts utilise the LCMB 5 Step Workplace Optimisation Framework, to deliver consistency, transparency and accountability across the project.

This concept to completion approach is designed to be utilised by both the LCMB Project Team and Client Stakeholders, ensuring that the project runs on time and on budget.

LCMB 5 Step
Workplace Optimisation Process...

See LCMB in action

LCMB helps clients in both the public and private sector, and across a range of industry verticals.

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Typical client
outcomes include

15 - 20%

energy consumption and carbon emissions reduction

10 - 15%

reduction in the operational cost of managing your buildings

2 - 5%

annual increase in the productivity of your workforce

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