Once I graduated from Leeds Beckett University, I had difficulty finding a role offering the development and support I sought after, to bridge the gap between education and the world of work.

I applied for the Junior Consultant role at LCMB in January 2023, and the recruitment process was an immediate green flag. I think we can all relate to the weariness of being left waiting weeks with little to no contact between applications and interviews, so it was refreshing to experience quick and open communication from the get-go.

I joined the LCMB team in February 2023, which was kicked off with a seamless introduction by Jo and followed by continuous advice and support from Simon and Harriet. Within the first week, LCMB’s founder John made the effort to sit down with me for an informal chat and welcomed me to the team. Four months down the line, and not a week goes by without someone asking how I’m doing, personally or workwise.

They say the best way to learn is to do it, and for that, I started at the perfect time. I was given instant exposure to high-level conversations and clients at King’s College London which, observing Harriet and Rudi, gave me a feel for where I can hope to be in the future regarding client relations. Whilst allowing me to start that process by engaging with clients myself. I was also allowed to see some of our largest projects at National Express closing off. Visiting client sites with Simon helped me to visualise the scale of these projects, some of the issues the projects overcame, and how to engage with contractors.

Alongside the project exposure, I’ve had the opportunity to attend events, join discussions, and be involved in other aspects of the business. Examples of this are attending the Banbury Chamber of Commerce’s event to understand how the energy crisis is affecting local businesses, sitting in on internal strategic sales discussions, and drafting reports and proposals for Net Zero Carbon.

Finally, the training opportunities are unrivalled in comparison to my previous roles. I have consistent discussions in my 1:1’s with Harriet surrounding professional development. She’s offered guidance with development routes, but ultimately, you can choose the direction. If you can justify an accreditation or certification, it’s a welcomed consideration. In addition, resources are shared between the team, whether this be webinars, guides, or personal knowledge. You’re constantly learning, and nobody is ever too busy to give advice or teach you a new skill. 

In summary, the past four months have shown a true alignment between myself and LCMB in terms of wanting the best for people, colleagues, employees, and clients. I truly can’t think of a better place to kickstart a career.

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