Our clients at LCMB, and others within the FM sector appreciate how the quality of FM services can impact productivity, sustainability, and health and safety. Facilities Management teams keep our people and buildings safe and efficient, often with guidance and methods governed by law. However, until November 2022, the UK Government have never had their own Facilities Management Strategy.

The UK Government’s estate is hugely diverse, inclusive of prisons, schools, offices, job centres, courts, logistics and storage, health, science, defence, among others that keep our nation running. Each of these sectors within the estate, as important as they are to the functionality of the UK, have been deprived of a consistent approach for years, making many of them less productive and functional workplaces than they otherwise would be.

Within the strategy, the government has recognised the impact Covid-19 had on highlighting the importance of a good FM service delivery model, and how it enables people to “work productively and to safely receive public services… During the pandemic FM was centre stage and recognised for the value it brings to everyone’s lives and the contribution it makes to organisational success”. It states this was the inspiration for the strategy.

The strategy also recognises how government buildings are utilised by people from all walks of life, “be it children in schools, public servants delivering government services or patients receiving treatment in hospitals”, and that it is paramount that the multitude of end users all have the same positive FM user experience.

The publication of this strategy is a huge landmark for Facilities Management. Covid-19 played its part in shining a light on FM’s importance, but this strategy defines what excellent FM service delivery should continue to look like beyond the devastation of the pandemic.

It’s obvious that the strategy is driven by the value of FM and the end-user experience, and it is explicit in what goals are to be achieved between now and 2030. The vision could not be clearer, but can the same be said for the road ahead? At LCMB, we look forward to seeing this strategy become a reality.

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Harriet Stuchbury

Senior Consultant  


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