#Productivity in the workplace is often mistaken for ‘how much work can you squeeze out of your employees in smallest amount of time’ when in fact it is much deeper than that. Productivity is not about the quantity of work your employees complete but more about the quality. Encouraging the workforce to be in a place of #flow is more important than ensuring they complete a set list of tasks in the quickest amount of time.

So how do you get your employees to their productive optimal? Productivity is as much about the employees’ #mentalwellbeing as it is about providing the right infrastructure and equipment to do the job. #Workplacepolitics, management ineffectiveness and an unhealthy office culture can cause as many problems with productivity as no natural daylight, poor ventilation and extreme temperatures.

Finding the right balance between the work environment itself and the mental aspects associated with office culture is not easy which is why LCMB have produced the ‘Improving Productivity in the Workplace’ guide offering useful tips on how ensure your workplace is as productive as it can be. Download the guide for free here https://www.lcmb.co.uk/knowledge/guides-tips-reports/

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