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LCMB’s ultimate guide to improving business performance through estates management

Businesses are striving harder than ever to hold on to a sustainable competitive advantage, 

and attract customers and staff – often while reducing cost.

For most UK businesses, buildings are the second biggest expense after staff and present a huge cost saving potential, as confirmed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Any savings from reduced building running costs will drop straight to the bottom line.

Many businesses fail to recognise the tremendous impact – positive or negative – that buildings have on their efficiency, competitive positioning and growth. Businesses that have configured their buildings to align with a robust overall strategy have seen dramatic improvements to their competitive advantage, cost base, finances and environmental sustainability. These benefits may take some time to realise, but can be deep and transformational.

Ignore at your peril the need for a clear plan to optimise your buildings and estate to support your business.

Businesses taking this path should begin by considering the most relevant drives of change, such as:

  • Competition and productivity,
  • Increased expectations,
  • Cost advantage,
  • Rapid pace of change. 

We could not find a single guide that provides businesses with a structured framework for improving their overall performance through estates management, so we decided to write one. 

We at LCMB are lucky to have a unique blend of detailed technical, operational, energy and facilities management expertise, and we’ve driven major estate transformation programmes for many organisations. We created these guides by pulling together our clients’ experiences, our expertise, and carefully selected third party resources.

Our aim is to help you ensure that your buildings and budget deliver the best possible impact for your business, your customers and your staff.  Download our free guides which detail our framework for improving your organisational performance.

For businesses:

How to improve your business productivity and return on investment?

Download a free copy of our ultimate guide to improving business performance









For education:                                                       

Download a free copy of our ultimate guide to improving higher education performance

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LCMB Building Performance Ltd

LCMB Building Performance Ltd. (LCMB) improves the financial and environmental sustainability of buildings and estates, and the productivity and well-being of the people using them. We do this by reducing building operating costs, energy used and improving workplace environments and building space utilisation. We offer Facilities Management, Carbon and energy reduction and project management support.

Our clients include Tata Technologies, King’s College London, Birmingham Airport, Nando’s, Howard Tenens and England Golf.

Contact John O’Brien MD and Founder if you’d like to discuss how we can ensure your real estate and building projects return more value and enhanced Return on Investments (ROI).

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