Our ultimate guide to improving business performance

A step-by-step framework for UK businesses

ultimate guide


What’s in the guide?

This guide will show you how to:

Improve competitive advantage
Improve return on investment from buildings and estates
Run estates more efficiently
Be ready for future demands
Stay safe and comply with statutory regulations

Organisations that have applied our approach, like Tata Technologies, King’s College London, Birmingham Airport, Nando’s, Howard Tenens and England Golf have improved performance, reduced costs and cut CO2. They have said our approach is “transformational”, “excellent”, “comprehensive” and “adds real value”.

Who should read this guide?

What organisations say about our guides:

“This is a great document. It looks good, it’s really easy to read and understand. It contains pragmatic observations which provoke a good deal of debate” Ken Norman, Development Manager, MD2MD

“An excellent guide – succinct, challenging and useful” Richard Kent, Head of Campus Operations, King’s College London

“Excellent piece of work, and virtually nothing that I would suggest as an improvement!” Ian Armitage, University of the Arts London

“We commend LCMB! This guide deals with day-to-day pressure faced by University Estates Managers. Clearly, plenty of market-research has gone into this piece of work: functional and easy to follow, diagrammatic and challenging.” Sustainability West Midlands


About the authors:


We are John and Rudi from LCMB. We have managed £5bn of estates improvement projects for commercial firms, universities and public sector organisations. We’ve worked hard to collate and condense our dataset into a set of learnings, which we’ve put into an easy to follow guide.

We’re really excited about how this can help your business so please let us know about your experiences after using this guide, or how we could improve it.”