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Estates can comprise of many elements, but no matter what shape your buildings take, there are two ‘must-haves’ that EVERY business needs. One: The estate must serve its purpose (You won’t sell if people can’t get into your store after all!). Two: The estate must provide a safe space for staff and customers.

To ensure your premises are safe you need to manage risk… Not only is it your moral and statutory duty to manage risk, but failure to do so could mean the end of the line for your business.

This is less complex than it might first appear, and we see good risk management as covering three areas:

  • Who, and what, do I need to protect on my premises?
  • What are my legal obligations and how do I discharge them?
  • How can I recover if something goes wrong?

The most effective risk managers keep things simple. Take your time and invest in your scenario planning. Not only will this keep you safe, it will also save you a great deal of money, time and trouble in the future when you can respond appropriately to an event you have foreseen and planned for.

If you would like our help with approaching risk within your own operations, please contact Rudi du Plessis, Associate Director, LCMB

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