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LCMB joins Oxfordshire Greentech

LCMB are pleased to announce they have joined Oxfordshire Greentech.

Oxfordshire Greentech is a business network supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire. They bring together businesses and organisations to encourage innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer, to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable, low carbon future in Oxfordshire and the world.

The low carbon industry is worth a whopping £1.15bn in Oxfordshire, and accounts for 7% of the local economy – but it still has so much room to grow and thrive. LCMB are based in Bloxham, in North Oxfordshire, and work with clients to improve the performance of their workplaces and buildings, improving staff performance, productivity and wellbeing while reducing workplace operating costs, energy use and carbon emissions.

The LCMB team attended the Oxfordshire Greentech in February, and signed up on the day to support Oxfordshire Greentech and the development of the local low carbon network.

“Our aim is for LCMB to be a key player in creating a greener built-environment with like-minded businesses. LCMB make buildings cleaner, smarter and more sustainable through better design, technology and operations. We have been a Pathfinder of Low Carbon Oxford since 2014, our team are proud of the continuing impact our work has on reducing carbon emissions, and look forward to working with Oxfordshire Greentech and their members to make a further impact for Oxfordshire and our clients across the UK.”

John O’Brien, Founder and MD

You can find out more about Oxfordshire Greentech on their website:  and follow their work on twitter @Ox_Greentech

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LCMB Building Performance Ltd

LCMB Building Performance Ltd. (LCMB) improves the financial and environmental sustainability of buildings and estates, and the productivity and well-being of the people using them. We do this by reducing building operating costs, energy used and improving workplace environments and building space utilisation. We offer Facilities Management, Carbon and energy reduction and project management support.

Our clients include Tata Technologies, King’s College London, Birmingham Airport, Nando’s, Howard Tenens and England Golf.

Contact John O’Brien MD and Founder if you’d like to discuss how we can ensure your real estate and building projects return more value and enhanced Return on Investments (ROI).

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