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Strategy and Master Planning – making plans for the long term

Facilities Management – managing space, contracts and maintenance

Building Technology – BEMS, WLP+, intelligent buildings

Project Management - investing to save, managing change, refurbishment

Utilities – improve use of energy, water, ICT and other resources

LCMB – Specialists in Building Performance

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John O'Brien LCMB

“We’re specialists in building performance. We spend up to 90% of our working lives in buildings, so at LCMB we’ve made it our mission to make sure that they perform as well as they possibly can. High performance to us means buildings that contribute to the long term goals of your organisation, ones that are easy on the environment and also provide great places to work.  

After people, your next biggest business cost is likely to be buildings, so we believe that financially, they must pull their weight.  No matter where you start from (whether it’s a 1960s icon or an uber-modern work space!), we’re here to help you get the most out of your estate and run buildings that you can be proud of. 

Different estates need different services, but in a nutshell, our job is to increase productivity, improve asset performance and reduce energy and operational costs. We look forward to helping you tackle your estates goals.”

John O’Brien, Managing Director and founder of LCMB.

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