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With the UK having having its highest August temperature for nearly two decades and more of us opting for a staycation than ever before, this month our team are sharing what we’ve been able to do, or are planning to do, to recharge our batteries, despite the C-19 restrictions, before the end of the summer.

All of our team, except Rudi and Tom, have opted to holiday in the UK, and hopefully what we have done and plan to do can offer some inspiration for your own break over the summer.

We understand that a lot of businesses are planning to more fully open their offices during Q4 2020. To support this activity my colleague Rudi Du Plessis, Director of Operations, is also hosting a free webinar covering the “Safe Return to Work” on September 10th . You can book your place here

Back in December 2014, Rudi blogged about why he liked to work in his pyjama’s, (Because I like to work in my pyjamas), little did he know then that in 2020 many more would join him as a consequence of C-19.

So for now I hope you have a relaxing summer break, whatever you manage to do.  We look forward to catching up with you again in September and supporting you for a fuller return to our new workplace normal.

Have a great summer.



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Mike has enjoyed the Cornish fresh air, cycling and the odd pint



We had booked to go to Dublin to watch the Skerries Road Races, but COVID-19 put paid to that. With the week already booked off work, we were all set to just sit at home in the garden and the announcement was made that from the 4th July we could stay away from home overnight. Plans were hastily made, and we booked a cottage in Cornwall.

The journey there was surprisingly un-busy with an uncharacteristic traffic free A361 / A39 run along the North Devon coast to our destination near Bude. I was fully expecting a mass exodus to Cornwall as soon as the restrictions were relaxed. The cottage was lovely, the family got on well and the weather was OK. The main thing is that we were away – a different environment, a new area to explore. It was wonderful.

A lot of the pubs and attractions were still shut. This seemed to have taken everyone by surprise but when we did find a pub for the first pint in 4 months, it was most well received! Highlights were the Tarka Trail on bikes, Tintagel Beach, Clovelly and walks on Westward Ho!

Max is celebrating his daughter’s first birthday






When I won’t be working to support our clients with their response to COVID, we’ll be looking to enjoy Robyn’s first birthday and see some family (the plan is a BBQ with some lawn games, plus plenty of presents)!

We are also looking to sell our house and move – a chance to reap the rewards of a three-year renovation project. In general, summer is a great time for us to enjoy more countryside walks, so there will be plenty of that.

After my holiday, I’ll return refreshed to continue helping our NHS and other clients manage their C-19 response and their gradual return to the offices and workplace.

Tom is hoping to get away to Italy in September



Tom and his wife’s plans to travel to Italy in March were thwarted and instead he continued our work supporting Royal Berkshire Hospital in their response to the COVID outbreak.

They had planned to take some time off when work was a little quieter but helping the hospital get back to business as usual has eaten up most of the summer. They are hoping to finally get to Italy in September, but with the current uncertainty over quarantine, its looking more likely anytime off will be spent in the UK.

Jo is hoping that North Cornwall will be better than Spain



This year instead of sunbathing in Spain we are spending a week in St Minver, Wadebridge which is north of Cornwall. Its in between Port Isaac and Newquay and not far from Padstow. We will be spending the days taking in the sea air and exploring the UK coastal areas. There are so many quaint English fishing towns and harbours and I have ordered sunshine for the whole week; it will be just like Spain!

Rudi is having a busman’s holiday


Holiday, what holiday?

This year I was meant to go to Vasteras in Sweden, this did not happen. We were planning to tour Scotland for our summer holiday, which also didn’t happen.

So instead I am on a busman’s (not!) holiday, project managing a replacement kitchen at home, and working at the same time. This has been quite a task and I am sad to report that the levels of dust, noise and disruption are at least as high as I recalled!

I am booked to go see my folks in South Africa in November. Given how 2020 is panning out so far I am not overly optimistic though. At least we’ll have a brand new kitchen to enjoy!

John has discovered that the Cornish sea is much colder than Dorset



We had a long-planned family holiday to Vietnam and Hong Kong in late March and early April of this year cancelled due to C-19. Like many others, I am still trying to get a response and refund from the travel agents, but this is a small inconvenience compared to the misfortune suffered by many other families because of C-19.

My daughters were less impressed by, but did thoroughly enjoy, our plan B which was a camping holiday in the back garden over the Easter week in a four-person tent.

We had a week in Cornwall booked for the end of July, in a beautiful secluded cottage by the sea in Menabilly between Fowey and Polkeris and were delighted when the Government opened the UK for holiday’s on 4th July. We decided to add on another week after Cornwall on the Southcoast at Southbourne between Bournemouth and Christchurch.

In the end, after an initial rainy first weekend, we had glorious weather and managed to enjoy a socially distanced holiday on the beaches in Cornwall and Dorset.

We discovered that with a little planning to avoid the popular spots such as St. Ives and Bournemouth, there is enough space in the countryside and on the beaches to be comfortable and have lot of simple family fun. And we’ve all discovered that it’s much easier to get into the sea in Dorset than Cornwall –  that 2 degree temperature increase makes a big, big difference once the sea’s over the knees!

Joe has become king of the BBQ



Joe and his family will be holidaying in the UK this year as COVID-19 has altered their plans. There was a cancelled skiing trip, as well as a cancelled trip to the Lake District earlier in the year. They now have plans to go camping at the end of August as well as trips to some wildlife parks with their daughter who loves to see animals.

Whilst they haven’t been able to travel as much as they’d like, they’ve been making use of the sunshine by having countless BBQ’s. Their rule has been if the suns out, then the grill is out and that has worked well.

Safe Return to Work Webinar: 10th September 2020



Rudi Du Plessis, Director of Operations will be running a webinar answering the question on everyone’s lips “How do we return to work without compromising our safety?”

Whilst lockdown restrictions are lifted and more people are returning to the office, businesses are trying to keep people safe, honouring social distancing rules as well as maintaining an effective and safe workplace.

To do this consideration needs to be made for people and their wellbeing, getting to and from work, physical distancing, general hygiene and building systems.

This webinar will be an invaluable tool for any Directors of Estates, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers, HR professionals or employers who managing the return to work of staff over the coming weeks and months.

When: 10th September 2020 at 11.00am

Please do register your interest

Because I like to work in my Pyjamas


Nobody would of predicted in 2014 that in 2020 a global pandemic would turn our working and personal lives upside down. However, one of our LCMB team Rudi wrote a blog “Because I like to work in my pyjamas” which in 2020 has become  a reality for many people who have been working at home in less casual dress.

For more information or discuss an office refurbishment contact Rudi du Plessis, email: [email protected] or call:01295 722823

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