Dominic Hayes

LCMB Welcomes Dominic Hayes as a Degree Apprentice Consultant

Dominic Hayes has joined LCMB as a Degree Apprentice Consultant, reinforcing our ongoing commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic growth.

After successfully completing his sixth-form education in June 2022, Dominic initially received an offer to study medicine from a prestigious university. However, upon further reflection, he decided that medicine wasn’t the right career path for him. Opting to work full-time to save money, Dominic took the time to carefully consider his future options. Recognising the benefits of apprenticeships, he chose to apply for LCMB’s degree apprenticeship programme. This choice allows him to gain a degree, acquire invaluable professional experience, and earn a salary, all without accumulating student debt. It’s a pragmatic approach that aligns perfectly with our programme’s aim to provide a financially sustainable route to academic and career advancement.

Dominic is highly analytical and has a knack for problem-solving. His solid numeracy skills make him particularly adept at data analysis, qualities that will serve him well in his role at LCMB. He brings determination, commitment, and the ability to work independently to our team.

In his apprenticeship role, Dominic aims to refine his analytical and problem-solving skills, translating them into real-world applications. He is also keen to enhance his IT proficiency within a professional setting, aligning seamlessly with our technological initiatives.

When not at work, Dominic enjoys playing sports, including football and cricket. His love for sports adds an extra dimension to his personality, contributing both team spirit and a competitive edge to LCMB.

Dominic can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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