Whilst sweltering in the midst of yet another summer heatwave, we have been incredibly busy!

With temperatures expected to pass 30 degrees, (9 degrees Celsius over the average temperature at this time of the year*), you start to wonder if this will become the new normal and what we can do to reverse it.

Carbon emissions are the main contributor to global warming. Surprisingly, over half of the carbon emissions in the UK come from buildings- this includes constructing, powering, and heating, all of which emit a huge amount of CO2. The construction of a new build home is responsible for a huge 80 tonnes of carbon! * 

In our most recent webinar ‘Achieving Net Zero in the Construction Industry,’ along with Stewart Dalgarno – Director of Innovation and Sustainability for Stuart Milne, and Adetunji Lawal, Carbon and Energy Manager for Align JV, we discussed how the construction industry is making changes to become more sustainable and the challenges that the industry is facing. It proved to be an interesting conversation between industry leaders in the domestic and non-domestic markets.

If you missed the webinar, don’t panic! You can watch it below:

One of our Managing Consultants, Mike Kenny, known as ‘The Energy Guy’, at LCMB has extensive knowledge and experience in helping clients become more efficient and lowering their carbon emissions. Mike has recently worked with a District Council, where projects were identified to reduce their carbon emission by 1,500 tonnes. 

The government’s goal is for all sectors to become Net Zero by 2050, but this does not mean you should wait until then! A lot of our clients are bringing that forward to 2030 for scope 1 and 2 emissions with ambitious projects and strategies.

Why not send an email to Mike Kenny ([email protected]) today for an informal chat to see how LCMB can help you reduce your carbon emissions. Together we can be part of the change to a more sustainable future. Plug into our energy and accelerate your journey to Net Zero.


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