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Why I will be voting remain on the 23rd June 2016

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, I will be voting for the UK to remain in the European Union.

I have reached this decision because I believe that for the foreseeable future life, for the UK’s population and businesses, within the European Union is better than facing the risk and uncertainty of life outside this Union.

I absolutely get the sense of frustration some people have with a sense of loss of control because some laws and regulations are made outside the country. However, if the UK were to vote to exit the EU, UK companies and organisations would still need to comply with these rules and regulation if they wish to have access to the European Market.

I grew up in Ireland and saw first-hand the hugely positive impact membership of the EU gave the country. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, EU grants supported the development of the country’s infrastructure and knowledge base. Membership has also given Ireland less restricted access to a market of 500 million and a stronger sense of connection to the region. All of which underpinned the economic development of Ireland in the 1990’s and early 2000’s creating the “Celtic tiger”. Whilst the Celtic Tiger may no longer be roaring, everyone I met in Ireland when I visited on holiday a few weeks ago is overwhelmingly in favour of the UK remaining in the EU. This is not only because of the economic damage that they believe it would do to Ireland but a belief that it would also cause problems for the UK.

I believe that the UK has benefited from membership of the EU in the same way as Ireland, albeit to a lesser extent. In addition, the focused and scaled level of investment in innovation that are accessible to UK businesses and organisations as a consequence of EU membership helps the UK to develop and retain competitive advantage on the world stage.

I believe exiting the EU would plunge the UK back into a recession, of at least 2 years in duration, until the economy adjusted to the reality of the new relationship with the EU. I also believe that whilst the EU has many failings, it’s economic, social and security benefits means it is better for us now and our children’s future to vote to stay.

I think risking economic uncertainty for a feeling of more control does not make sense and for this reason on Thursday 23rd June 2016, I will be voting for the UK to remain in the European Union and hope the majority of others do likewise.

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