At LCMB, we know that some elements of managing your estate can be daunting. We’ve used our experience in the field to create some some quick tips for tackling some of those challenges. Whether you’re creating your FM strategy, planning a project, or looking to lower your costs, reduce energy, or optimise workplace productivity, these guides have you covered.

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Top Tips for a smooth office refurbishment








Converting from a tired office space to a fresh one can be difficult and can cause unwanted interruption to your business operation. A well-managed office refurbishment project will take your needs and deliver them without interruption and with the best possible outcome. Click the button above to get our free top tips for executing a smooth office refurbishment.

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Top Tips for creating a killer facilities strategy



A good facilities strategy can be a very powerful document. However, it can also be a task that heralds sleepless nights for even the most experienced facilities managers and directors. Click the button above to get our free top tips to manage the workload and implement a simple, effective structure.

We put these tips to good use as part of our work with UCLH, read about the project here.


Top Tips for turning ESOS into your business weapon

The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), now in phase 2, is the UK government’s mandatory energy saving initiative. As with most compliance issues, ESOS is often viewed as a simple checkbox and a general nuisance. We believe ESOS, when harnessed properly, is an opportunity for your business to benefit and something which can help you reach your financial, estates and sustainability goals. Click the button above to get our free top tips for turning your ESOS into a highly effective business weapon.

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Top Tips for having a supercharged workplace

We spend 90% of our lives in buildings, and for every £1 we spend upfront on our working environment, we spend £200 on our staff. These two statistics should be enough for anyone to want their workplace to work harder for their people. We’ve found, and confirmed with other research, that through a better understanding of our workplaces and the environment within, an improvement of 2-3% can be made to your organisation’s output. That’s more than enough to cover the capital cost of your building. We’ve also got a depth of experience in optimising workplace utilisation, so you don’t have wasted space – or real estate potential. 

LCMB led a research project on the effects of the indoor environment of a workplace on the people who use it. The research, entitled Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+), targeted real world studies to focus on improvements to the working environment for office occupants. The project was led in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University as academic leads, and Argent, King’s College London, and Emcor UK as industry partners. The £0.5m project was funded by LCMB and the WLP+ consortium partners with grants from Innovate UK and EPSRC. Our research, alongside our decades of experience in the industry, have informed our research. Read more about it here. 

If you’re interested in supercharging your workplace, be it running an assessment or getting most out of the outcome, please get in touch. If you enjoy this guide, you may also like our detailed Ultimate Guide to the Productive Workplace.

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