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In my last blog, I looked at the dreaded ‘C’ word  –  Is change good and what is the key to successfully managing change in the world of FM.

Well staying on the subject of change, my husband is looking to change his car.  He’s done his homework, visited several garages, had a test drive and chosen the car. It’s powered by hybrid technology and comes with adaptive variable suspension, VDIM (or vehicle dynamics integrated management – I had to look it up), 0 – 62mph in 8.4 seconds, emits only 101g/km of CO2 and consumes up to 65.7mpg combined!  And it comes in 2 shades of black, has parking sensors, a navigation system …

But, all of this has made me think – I wonder if the same level of thought is given to moving office, upgrading plant or equipment, re thinking space or simply reviewing corporate real estate and the health of the buildings? And what are we basing decisions on?

The key things to consider are:

  • Type and condition of building and historical data on costs incurred for repairs, improvements or recurring issues
  • Feasibility in terms of occupancy, growth rates, space requirements, capacity and usage
  • BIM – from planning and design through to the whole building life cycle
  • Building Performance Data and in particular the need to put energy at the forefront of building performance
  • Due diligence in terms of the condition and age of plant and equipment
  • Space – flexibility and accessibility from design to layout

And of course location, location, location.  Yes, it’s important.  But information is king.

For me, I want a car that performs well, is safe and yes, looks good and doesn’t cost too much.

In the same way organisations want to optimise their building performance and create a sustainable and creative work environment that has a positive impact on staff, customers and productivity. Rather like a new car, we want our buildings to do more for less.


Or more information, to arrange an informal chat or to find out how to make your buildings work harder please contact John O’Brien our Founder and Managing Director.

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