Six Months In: The Start of My Journey With LCMB

It’s rare, I think, to make a drastic career change and find that your new job is the perfect fit.

Before August 2018, my career seemed straight forward: obtain a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies > get a job in a Theatre as a House Manager > very predictable next steps.

However, it turned out the part of management in a theatre I enjoyed the most wasn’t the Theatre element, but rather the building side. A theatre is an exciting building to manage – often they are underfunded, and often they occupy some quirky repurposed buildings such as churches, barns, and warehouses. The problem is that poor funding plus retrofitting and managing a theatre in an older building often means some of the core elements are overlooked, and the people that suffer are the customers.

Joining LCMB, I didn’t entirely know what to expect. In the wrong hands, it could have been a mistake, leaving me lost in a foreign land without the adequate knowledge to navigate it.

Fortunately, John, Rudi and the team are entirely the right hands. I have benefitted from being surrounded by some of the brilliant minds of our industry. I’ve already, in just six months, worked on some fascinating projects which have opened my eyes to a world which I was only just aware of before joining LCMB. I have already gained knowledge that was previously unobtainable. Through training, one-to-one time, and field experience I am already on the path – I hope – to being a Senior Consultant for LCMB.

In my first few months, I have had the whistle-stop tour of LCMB, working on a range on interesting projects for even more interesting clients. Some of the work I have been involved in includes:

  • Building an HVAC asset management portfolio across a large estate with reference to the age of the existing plant, and a prescribed approach to ensuring all assets are well-maintained.
  • A study of a building’s underfloor heating system, to test its efficiency and find out why it can’t heat the building adequately at all times.
  • Various energy products including reporting, investigating energy saving solutions, and procuring solutions.
  • Project managing an office re-location in central London, implementing smart use of space to create a better use of our client’s leased real estate.
  • Completion of the 3-year WLP+ project, wrapping up some exciting research that proves how the workplace environment impacts our productivity, performance and well-being.

I’m currently working on growing our workplace productivity, performance and well-being offering so that it reaches the right clients. It’s been a great start to my career, and I cannot wait for the next steps of my journey.

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