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Strategy and Master Planning for your organisation

Our aim at LCMB is to improve the way your buildings work. On a day-to-day basis this is about effective maintenance, timely investments, well managed BEMS and a host of other pressing operational and financial considerations. Keeping the people and processes in your buildings operating at their optimum is the goal.

However there are broader aims in play as well, which relate to the longer term, strategic aims of the organisation. After people, your next biggest cost is likely to be your estate. It is the infrastructure that makes everything else possible and as a result it must be aligned to your strategy in order to fully contribute to the long term objectives of your organisation. If you’re a hospital this will mean patient outcomes; if you’re a University, it will be about student experience. Whatever your goals, we will take the time to fully understand them and craft a strategy that delivers the estate and facilities needed to attain them.

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What our clients say...

  • “John and the LCMB team have worked with our Capital Investment and Facilities Directorate over the last 12 months in an interim and consultancy capacity. Our internal clients, my team and I have enjoyed working with the LCMB team. They have been able to help us reduce cost, improve our sustainability performance and identify how we can better align our Facilities Management spend and resources with the UCLH clinical strategy and top 10 objectives. John and the team have the skills and experience to make a big difference for any NHS organisation that relies on buildings to function.”

    Kieran McDaid, Director of Estates, UCLH

  • “The LCMB team has a combination of skills and experience which adds real value to an organisation like ours where real estate plays such a critical role.”

    Nick O’Donnell, Director of Real Estate, Kings College.

  • “UCLH aspires to be at the forefront of NHS sustainable performance and for this reason we like to work with those companies like LCMB who can help us get there. Matt and the LCMB team have worked with my property team over the last 12 months. The LCMB team have helped us completely refresh our Sustainability Strategy and implement a plan that will dramatically improve our performance by engaging our people, our supply chain and delivering invest to save schemes.”

    Robert Bexson, Deputy Director of Property, UCLH