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How can Facilities Management make a difference for your organisation?

Many organisations have buildings on their balance sheet which are valued at 50% to 100% of their annual sales. The average organisation spends 10 to 20% of their annual sales on Facilities Management with some manufacturing organisations spending up to 50%.

Typically we save our clients 15-30% of their energy costs, 10-15% of their building operating costs and 5-10% of their building project costs.

For most organisations, buildings and estates represent their largest controllable costs after staff. Ensuring that this investment supports the organisations strategy and objectives is the fundamental objective of Facilities Management.

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What our clients say...

  • “England Golf recognises just how vital for the sport the facility strategy work is and we were very confident that LCMB would deliver this to an exceptional standard. LCMB stood out from the competition through a rigorous and thorough competitive tendering process. I’m pleased to say that the final product was every bit as strong as we had hoped. The fact that all of the various stakeholders with different perspectives received the report favourably shows how well they understood both the brief and industry.”

    Rod Findlay, Director of Strategy and Governance, England Golf

  • “LCMB really understood the brief and took time and effort to engage a broad number of stakeholders, all of which was essential to ensure the success of the project. Their facility knowledge and understanding the need for a customer focussed approach has given us some excellent tools and resources as well as a strategy”.

    Abbie Lench, Head of Club Support, England Golf

  • “The entire process was very well managed by LCMB. The Trust’s objectives were well presented and the key operational and service requirements was clear to all bidders at critical times.  Importantly, all stakeholders were kept informed of progress throughout the various stages”

    Dean Raffles, Senior Operational Services Manager, Estates and Facilities, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.