Progress Update: Whole Life Performance Plus

The Innovate UK Whole Life Performance + project (WLP+)  is looking at improving the well-being and productivity of office users through optimisation of the indoor environmental quality. Previous research has shown productivity can increase by 5-10% through changes such as improved thermal comfort and air freshness, but little research has focussed on the interaction of factors in real workplace settings.

WLP+ started in February and has now completed six months of extensive research to establish what is already known in this area and devise the methodology for subsequent investigations. The project is now entering the exciting data collection phase where we will be collecting in use statistics on building performance including operating conditions, energy use, and noise levels. These results will be analysed against human factors data such as occupant satisfaction, occupant task performance and sickness and absence records, to give a complete picture of baseline conditions in some of the UK’s leading companies. Results from the baseline data will inform intervention strategies which will be deployed in 2017 to test how the manipulation of indoor environments impacts on building users.

Offices used in the trial will focus on administrative tasks where activity can be measured and compared against control spaces within the same organisation. Sectors involved in the project include education, aviation and technology, and impact opportunities will be considered in owner occupied buildings, new builds, and landlord/tenant arrangements. This will allow the project to understand how results can be applied to the real-world when the project is completed and the finding are rolled out.

To find out more and sign up for project updates visit or contact Tom Cudmore, Senior Consultant at LCMB Building Performance Ltd .



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