Our ultimate guide to the productive workplace

UK companies are unproductive and it’s an urgent problem.

The average UK worker is 26% less productive than a German worker, and 23% less so than a US worker. Not only are UK workers less productive, but they are less engaged: UK companies lose 10% of working days a year to absenteeism and presenteeism.

ultimate guide

What’s in the guide?

This guide culminates a three-year Innovate UK programme with a consortium of experts, exploring in depth how working conditions affect productivity and wellbeing.

The guide gives you a straightforward 5 step plan to improve the workplace environment, cost effectively, to positively impact your staff’s health, engagement and productivity.

Your organisation will benefit from:

Improved staff performance
Reduced risk of human error in mission critical work
Enhanced wellbeing
Improved staff recruitment
Better staff retention and lower recruitment/training costs.

Who should read our LCMB Ultimate Guide - Productive Workplace

Who is this for?

We believe every organisation has a duty to provide the conditions for staff to be as productive as possible. Here are some of the key commercial drivers you might consider to improve your workplace environment.

Your brand depends on consistent innovation and creativity
Your organisation must attract, retain and get the best from talent
You need to optimise poor buildings and make sure your limited budgets go further
Your staff carry out critical activity where human error is costly
You need marginal gains to give your organisational a competitive advantage


Excellent work. It clearly explains why the productivity of workplaces needs to be given greater attention and sets out the benefits for those organisations who choose to do so. In doing this I believe the document also positions LCMB as one of the leaders in this emerging field.” Peter Schofield, The Marketing Centre

Really interesting with a number of compelling reasons to push workplace productivity/ optimal environment up the agenda.” Chris Rowe, Managing Director, Navigate UK

Love the work you have done. Everything is based on common sense.. it’s a mission critical system requiring the same attention to detail as other mission critical parts of the business.” Jonathan Walton, Whitley Stimpson Ltd

Excellent, I really like the content and the look and feel.” Alison Nichol, Associate Director, Constructing Excellence

Nice clear, not too long and crisp.” Professor Derek Clements Croome, Research Lead, British Council for Offices (BCO)


About the authors:


We are John and Rudi from LCMB. We believe that by running an estate with the right buildings, operated in the right way, businesses can operate more effectively, develop competitive advantage and be more prepared for the future.

LCMB’s mission is to help our clients improve the performance of their real estate, increasing performance while reducing their operational cost and energy use. Our team is driven to make our clients’ resources go further.

We trust that you find this guide useful”

– John & Rudi