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Now I wasn’t expecting that!!

EU Ref

Last Thursday, I got up before 5am to catch the referendum result, prior to heading off for my first appointment of the day, expecting to see the Remain vote win by a small margin. To my surprise, the BBC were predicting a win for Leave, with 52% of the vote cast. This indeed was the final result – now I wasn’t expecting that!

I can honestly say, I was completely taken aback by the outcome, as personally, I could see no advantage for the UK to have a future outside the EU, unlike the 52% who clearly could.

Practically all of my circle of family, friends and acquaintances bar two, voted to Remain. This indicates to me that we have, at least, two very different world views in the UK, with most of us in one camp or the other. There are those that see a bright future out of the EU and those that do not.

I am very, very disappointed and saddened by the result, however now is the time to move on, recognise the new UK order and the new world order it will create in time. For me, as the leader of a business it is important to take a long term view. Decisions taken by small, and larger businesses alike, will determine what happens next with the economy. Poor decisions and decisions to delay planned investment will lead to negative economic impacts, reducing growth and jobs.

LCMB helps our clients improve the performance and productivity of their buildings and our business is dependent on the investment choices being made by our customers. If they stop investing, all our businesses will stall. For this reason, it is critically important for everyone that we re-establish a level of understanding of the new rules for operating in the UK as soon as possible. For example, what will happen to;

  • the Government’s current plans for investment?
  • the rights of existing EU workers to remain and work in the UK?
  • the application of climate change regulation to the UK when it’s separate from Europe?
  • the way UK public procurement will work now that we’re exiting the European procurement processes?
  • businesses ability to access R&D funding and the European single market?

Early clarity on these issues will help ensure we head off the recessionary impact of thousands and thousands of negative decisions, not to spend, or hire, or invest in some way, due to the current uncertain outlook.

Unfortunately, like us, most businesses cannot wait for the political parties to sort themselves out and negotiate the exit from the EU, we’ll have to judge where the outcome of these events will likely end up and start to prepare our businesses now. That’s why I’m planning to continue our investment in WLP+, our solution to improve worker productivity in buildings, as I expect there to be a market for services to enhance UK PLC productivity and performance, irrespective of what our future relationship with Europe looks like.

Now I wasn’t expecting that, when I got up last Thursday morning!


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