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John O'Brien - LCMB

Hello and welcome to October’s Building Performance Insights.

This month sees the launch of the 2020 Built Environment Impact Study. Like many, do you struggle to measure your estate performance? If so, take the first step by participating in the survey which should take 7 minutes and give you a wealth of insights.

Last month we ran a workshop that asked: Why isn’t everyone creating Productive, High Performing and Healthier Workplaces? We know that simple, quick, low-cost workplace improvements increase people’s wellbeing and, in turn, organisations’ output. But it takes time for ideas to become mainstream, and so, in Crossing the Chasm’s parlance, we’re working with early adopters, not the majority.. yet.

Our one minute video outlines how to cover 100% of the cost of operating your buildings.

Read a summary of the future for the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations and why it will be another fantastic initiative for the UK as a global leader in carbon reduction.

Professor Derek Clements-Croome’s guest blog tells us how buildings affect us more deeply that we could ever understand.

And finally, last month Mike was a Distinguished Gentleman and Paul broke a World Record in the Windsor Half Marathon.

Do get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve the performance and productivity of your people, buildings and estates.

Have a great October.

John O’Brien
Founder and MD
t: 01295 722823
e: [email protected]


Launched! 2020 Built Environment Impact Study

  • Do you know how to measure the performance of estates at your organisation? Do you need to build a business case for further initiatives? Are you curious how your estates compare to others?To get these, and other insights, we invite you to take part in the LCMB 2020 Built Environment Impact Study. Click here to get started.What is the LCMB 2020 Built Environment Impact Study?By participating in a mobile friendly, seven minute survey with multiple choice questions in five sections, you share your views on the state of estates management in your organisation.We’ll collate responses and generate an insightful report on the state of the Built Environment across all participants, and show you how your organisation stacks up against other participating organisations.Your responses are collated and drive the report but are not shared with any third parties.

Take the survey now

Why isn’t everyone creating Productive, High Performing and Healthier Workplaces?

Over the last thirty years, designing, constructing and operating buildings, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits on people’s lives, their wellbeing and performance of improving their surroundings. And to me the business case is obvious for organisations to improve the workplace. But, it’s only the more forward-thinking, early adopter organisations in the UK that are doing this, and I wanted to find out why more businesses aren’t jumping on this opportunity.


Read why everyone should be doing it

I’m convinced – I want to be an early adopter!


60 second video – how to cover 100% of your real estate operating costs

Our new one minute video shows how to make your people more productive and cover 100% of your real estate operating costs. It’s the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck in estates management.

Click on the image to watch.


The future of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulations: what do I need to know?

On the 16th October, John shared a stage with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to advise on the latest government initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

The UK is taking a leading stance on climate change in a business friendly way. The pipeline of legislation pushes further than existing EU-wide legalisation, and provides fantastic opportunities for businesses to achieve great cost and energy savings.

If we all get behind these initiatives, the UK will validate its world leadership in clean and zero carbon technology and deliver a very significant and tangible upside for post-Brexit UK.

Read on to learn about the MEES regulations, and how we can help you cut your energy costs and your carbon emissions.

The lowdown on MEES regulations


Guest Blog – Health and wellbeing are at the root of our productivity and creativity

Professor Derek Clements-Croome’s truly fascinating article explores how buildings influence our wellbeing and productivity.

He considers how a building affects our senses and psychology, and asserts that architects should account for not only materials and form but also people, their emotions, the environment, space and relationships between them. Finally Derek gives us some pointers to learn more. Please click below for the full article.

Read Derek’s full post



Mike was a Distinguished Gentleman

Mike has almost hit his fundraising target to tackle prostate cancer and men’s mental health through the Movember Foundation.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men while suicide is the biggest killer of men aged 20-39. ¾ of all suicides are male and 510,000 men die from suicide each year, that’s one every minute.

If you are affected by these issues and would like to help, click below.

Visit Mike’s fundraising page


Paul broke a world record

Paul ran the Windsor Half Marathon in September and helped break a world record to raise money for The Peek Foundation.

Paul guided his friend Jules Hopkinson, who is fully sighted, to run “The Fastest Ever Half-Marathon Wearing a Blindfold”. Vassos Alexander was pacemaker and Neil Lecky-Thompson kept fellow runners safe.

Paul said:
“80% of the world’s blindness and visual impairment can be completely cured or prevented for very little money, but low and middle-income countries lack the facilities to diagnose visual impairments.

The amazing Peek Vision Foundation has developed cutting edge technology that replaces some of the functionality of an eye clinic with a smartphone app that can be used anywhere.”

Read The New Scientist article about Peek Foundation, or visit their website.

Donate to Peek Foundation


Last month’s most popular article

LCMB blogs cover a range of building performance and related issues.

Our most popular item in September was: Britain’s productivity crisis – Help your business beat the downward trend

Case Studies

LCMB's accelerated ROI audit

Too many organisations spend large sums of money on the wrong initiatives that generate a poor return or even a loss.

This is why we created the LCMB accelerated ROI audit. It cuts through the noise and quickly, clearly identifies the untapped performance improvement areas within your buildings.

The audit uncovers operational inefficiencies such as under-utilised space and facilities, as well as cost and energy reduction opportunities, and then provides a clear plan for realising potential.

By implementing the plan, we guarantee the audit pays for itself within 6 months and thereafter generates a positive return.

Contact John O’Brien on 01295 722823  [email protected] to discuss how the LCMB accelerated ROI audit can improve your organisation performance and return on investment.

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