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Since lockdown started at the end of March 2020, more than 45,000 people have lost their lives in the UK as result of Covid-19, the economy has shrunk by more than 25% and we are all experiencing disruption to our daily lives and routines.

All businesses have been affected in one way or another. Here at LCMB, we were luckier than some as we had the infrastructure in place to allow us to change to remote working seamlessly.

During the early stages of lockdown, the team at LCMB programme managed the C-19 response for our NHS clients, ensuring the additional intensive care beds, staff welfare and associated infrastructure were in place. We are extremely proud of the work they did.

We are now looking at ways to help our clients manage the gradual return to the workplace in a world where social distancing looks set to continue for many months to come.

Director of Estates, Property and Facilities face several challenges over the coming months as a direct consequence of C-19 and the return to normality, including;

  • Getting staff back to work safely
  • Re-orientating workplaces, buildings, and estates to meet social distancing guidelines in a cost-effective manner
  • Ensuring health, wellbeing and performance are not adversely impacted.

We will continue to address these concerns in our newsletters and are also hosting a webinar covering the “Safe Return to Work” on September 10th (see below for details).

I hope you, your families, and colleagues are all safe. Please do get in contact if you need any help or advice in managing a safe return to work or to ensure your workplaces, buildings and estates are C-19 secure for the foreseeable future.

Best wishes



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The Office is Dead, Long Live the Office

The Office is Dead, Long Live the Office


The UK Office of National Statistics reported that in April 2020, 49.2% of the working adult population were working at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
For many this change to homeworking was welcome and many have predicted that after this crisis is over, the office set-up as we know will be dead.

Read more here

Webinar: Safe Return to Work – Thursday 10th September 2020

Rudi Du Plessis, Director of Operations will be running a webinar answering the question on everyone’s lips “How do we return to work without compromising our safety?”

Whilst lockdown restrictions are lifted and more people are returning to the office, businesses are trying to keep people safe, honouring social distancing rules as well as maintaining an effective and safe workplace.

To do this consideration needs to be made for people and their wellbeing, getting to and from work, physical distancing, general hygiene and building systems.

This webinar will be an invaluable tool for any Directors of Estates, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers, HR professionals or employers who managing the return to work of staff over the coming weeks and months.

When: 10th September 2020 at 11.00am

For your free place, please register

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Case Studies

LCMB's accelerated ROI audit

Too many organisations spend large sums of money on the wrong initiatives that generate a poor return or even a loss.

This is why we created the LCMB accelerated ROI audit. It cuts through the noise and quickly, clearly identifies the untapped performance improvement areas within your buildings.

The audit uncovers operational inefficiencies such as under-utilised space and facilities, as well as cost and energy reduction opportunities, and then provides a clear plan for realising potential.

By implementing the plan, we guarantee the audit pays for itself within 6 months and thereafter generates a positive return.

Contact John O’Brien on 01295 722823  [email protected] to discuss how the LCMB accelerated ROI audit can improve your organisation performance and return on investment.

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