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2021 has not started well. Living through the eye of the pandemic storm, we are back in a national lockdown. Yet there is hope. Thanks to the new vaccines roll out, a route back to “normal” is visible.

At the time of writing, over five million people have been vaccinated in the UK.  It is promised that all adults will be vaccinated by September.

For this reason, our attention is now on the lessons learnt from the pandemic, what life will be like throughout the year and after the pandemic has passed. Do read my reflections on those lessons in our blog: Emerging from devastation into a safe, smarter future.

Looking ahead, it makes sense to incorporate those lessons into future workplace reconfiguring. During the pandemic, emerging trends included remote working and a heightened interest in secure, healthier buildings. We already knew that healthier buildings improve performance, given that our productivity, creativity and performance as individuals is directly correlated to our health and wellbeing.  And when we are well and healthy, we do our best work. Which is why we developed our new workplace optimisation service – Thrive, which you can read more about below.

I’m sure, like us, you’re looking forward to an exciting future once we transition past the pandemic. Meanwhile, for help improving and transforming your workplace, buildings or estate performance throughout 2021, do get in touch.

John O’Brien, Founder and MD

Our latest news in brief:

  • Our new service, Thrive, launches soon. Based on years of research in improving the health, wellbeing, performance and productivity of our clients’ workplaces and buildings, it also positively impacts your bottom line. Get in touch to find out more.
  • Fancy a hot air balloon flight? You can win that or an iPad simply by completing our Wellbeing Questionnaire based on our new Thrive service – further details are below.
  • We are delighted to start the New Year with net zero carbon. Read about our journey in our blog: LCMB Becomes Net Zero Carbon, and contact us for help in achieving net zero carbon.

Our monthly webinars addressing workplace and building management topics continue this year. You can watch our January webinar on our predictions for 2021 with Steve Kellett from Argent LLP and Ismena Deacon from Pinewood Studio Group from the link here. And put Thursday 28th February, 11am in your diary for our February webinar or register ahead here.




Are you responsible for managing organisational managing organisational performance and productivity, employee health and wellbeing, or workplaces? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Over the last few years, we have been researching the impact of indoor environmental quality on worker performance and productivity. The results consistently show that the indoor working environment impacts our health and performance at a significant and measurable level.

Our short survey is based on those findings, so your responses are valuable. By taking part, you’ll gain insights on ways to improve your workplace health and performance, and you could win an iPad or a balloon ride!

Take part by clicking here. And read the article here.


2021 has begun with a swing back to extremely high levels of the virus and, tragically, even more deaths. With daily news about the terrible strain the NHS is under, we are back in a full National Lockdown.

This upsurge in cases is likely to continue for another few weeks before peaking. Things will become even harder before they get better. And yet there is cause for hope. Read more about that here.

LCMB becomes Net Zero Carbon

As experts in improving building efficiency, optimising energy and carbon emissions is a large part of LCMB’s offering. Naturally, we ensure that we too are an efficient operation and have made the push to achieve net zero carbon from January 2021.

How did we do it? By innovating to reduce our emissions as much as possible. For instance, we try to travel using public transport – of course, in the current pandemic, this is less easy. Read more about how we achieved net zero carbon here.


Earlier this year, we were joined by special guests Steve Kellett, Sustainability Manager at Argent LLP, and Ismena Deacon, Head of Business Compliance at Pinewood Studio Group. We enjoyed an interesting discussion predicting what managing workplaces, buildings and estates will need to deal with during the year ahead. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Our monthly webinars will continue throughout 2021. The next one provides practical tips on “How to make your workplaces and buildings safer, healthier and more productive in 2021,” with insights from special guests – further information to follow. Join us at 11am on Thursday 28th February by registering here.

Case Studies

LCMB's accelerated ROI audit

Too many organisations spend large sums of money on the wrong initiatives that generate a poor return or even a loss.

This is why we created the LCMB accelerated ROI audit. It cuts through the noise and quickly, clearly identifies the untapped performance improvement areas within your buildings.

The audit uncovers operational inefficiencies such as under-utilised space and facilities, as well as cost and energy reduction opportunities, and then provides a clear plan for realising potential.

By implementing the plan, we guarantee the audit pays for itself within 6 months and thereafter generates a positive return.

Contact John O’Brien on 01295 722823  [email protected] to discuss how the LCMB accelerated ROI audit can improve your organisation performance and return on investment.

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