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Ask Our Experts Launches

We’re kicking open the doors and launching Ask Our Experts. A Dear Deirdre for real estate.

We’re proud that we quickly find pragmatic and creative solutions to the thorniest of real estate problems. Problems like:

My board doesn’t value or understand why my FM initiative is so important for the business! How do I convince them?”

How can I be 100% sure we’re  getting value for money from my in house, or 3rd party FM team?

How do I deliver my workplace refurbishment or construction projects on time, to budget and as required?

How do I fulfill statutory and technical compliance for our buildings and estate without taking up so much of my team’s time?

How do we reduce our utilities bill and carbon emissions?”

This technical problem is giving me a headache – how do I solve it?

How can I make everyone happy with office conditions? Some complain that it’s too hot, others complain it’s too cold!

Share your problems, win champagne.

That’s why we’re kicking open the doors and launching Ask Our Experts. A Dear Deirdre for real estate.

Do you have a tricky strategy, operational, technical or tactical real estate related problem? Send it to us and our team of experts will get back to you within 48 hours with a solution.

Each month we’ll send a bottle of champagne to the person with the most relevant, interesting, or universal problem. We’ll publish it in our Monthly Insights (anonymously if you choose).

So please email any thorny issue that’s vexing you, click below, leave us your question, and you’ll hear back from us in 48 hours. 

Test us go on!

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Jo Hermon

Jo is the Team Administrator at LCMB and is responsible for all business administration. She  is involved with all company activities to make the team and office function efficiently.

Jo is the Administrator at LCMB and she acts as the project administrator for all LCMB projects. She is responsible for our quality control systems and will ensure that the project documentation and handover requirements comply with all current best-practice standard.


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Jo Hermon

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