Managing a safe return to our workplaces

Managing a safe return to our workplaces

I am amazed by how quickly we have all got in step with our new reality of living with COVID-19, the restrictions needed to keep us all safe and to protect our NHS.

We are all fast becoming masters of new ways of working and technologies. Personally, I have been using MS Teams to stay in touch with my colleagues and clients, Zoom for a weekly family quiz with my children’s friends and the occasional virtual pint, or glass of wine, with friends!

Over the past two months, our team at LCMB have been focused on supporting our clients manage the impact of COVID-19, particularly with the NHS. We are all in awe of the work they are delivering to nurse our families, friends and neighbours back to health. Our team are very proud to have made a difference by supporting these efforts in our small way.

Reports in the media and moves by our politicians are suggesting that the current UK peak was reached over the Easter period and the NHS will now refocus on delivering their day to day critical care as the initial wave of COVID-19 patients reduces.

Whilst we are continuing to see the tragedy of so many lives cut short, this does suggest that it is now time to start planning for a return to work. There will not be a return to normal until we have a proven COVID-19 vaccine that can be deployed at scale nationally. Professor Chris Whitty the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, has suggested that this is unlikely to happen until sometime in 2021.  The current pandemic has proven to us all that we can do a lot more work remotely, than perhaps we thought. However, every organisation needs people to come together in a workplace at different times to complete elements of work creatively, or efficiently, and to maintain a unified culture.

To support a safe return to the workplace, our team are developing a briefing note and guidance document, with handy tips on how to speedily get back online, whilst delivering a safe working environment for your people. We will publish this guidance once there is more clarity from the Government on their COVID-19 exit strategy for the UK. 

Our team are all working as normal and are absolutely dedicated to helping in any way we can during this difficult time, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help, via our mobiles or email.

We hope you; your families and colleagues are managing to stay safe and sane during this challenging time.

John O’Brien

Founder and MD

t: 01295 722823

m: 07711 032 137

e: [email protected]


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