Little White Balls and a miserable commute…it’s all in the detail.

What makes a winning team?Sean

Is it the individuals that make up the team performing to the best of their ability or is it awesome managers?

I would like to thank @IanJamesPoulter for the inspiration behind this blog. I have just finished reading his book, No Limits, and whilst it probably is not going to win the Nobel Prize for literature, for me, it really brought home the dynamics of performance.

Whether you are a lover of golf, rugby, football, cricket, netball, athletics etc. etc. they are share one critical ingredient in achieving success, an environment which enables every individual to perform to the best of their ability which ultimately will bring success to the whole team. I would like to paraphrase a quote, from the book attributed to Paul Mcginley,

“I am never going to be as good as the players you are today, my role as captain is to ensure that you have everything that you need to perform and win the Ryder Cup”…..! It is widely known that Team Europe’s  Captain and his team took care of every detail in their preparation for the defence of the Ryder Cup Trophy at Gleneagles in 2014, and the players delivered as a result of this…..! “

So, do our environments in which we work and ask our teams to work inspire and enable everybody to perform to the best of their ability? Are the details being taken care of? I am writing this article having just got off a train to London, it is cold and the train was overcrowded. It’s 7.30am and you can feel that people starting their day are already not happy. Where are they going? When they get there will the working environment be ready to enable them get over  their commute and perform to the best of their ability?

So much focus is put on the management of energy in the commercial environment, there are targets, there is legislation to comply with, there are cost reduction programmes. All of this is extremely important, but, are we losing the balance between energy and cost efficiency by not focusing  on creating an environment which enables  all of our people, our most expensive asset, to perform? This is a troublesome equation and one I fear many businesses may be losing sight of.

In 2015 I am going to focus on making our clients buildings work harder by creating  environments which supports optimum performance of the single biggest asset  within any business – its people! And once we’ve done this we’ll ensure it is delivered using the minimum amount of energy. If you want to know more about how I plan to achieve this then contact me by email [email protected] or by phone: 01295 722823

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