Building Performance Insights - January 2018

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Welcome to January's Building Performance Insights.

We wish all our readers a successful 2018. To kick off the new year, we surveyed our clients, colleagues and industry leaders about the burning issues keeping them awake at night. Here are their top five concerns:

1. Money - how to hit budget and reduce cost. This boring and perennial issue is top of the worry list thanks to inflation, the fluctuating pound, and economic uncertainty. More on money in this edition.

2. Compliance - hit your statutory carbon, environmental, health, safety and occupational targets. With new innovations are you missing any quick wins? We'll write about this in February's edition.

3. Managing large functions with lots of moving parts - how to manage internal suppliers as well as (too many?) external suppliers? This is particularly relevant given the Carillion fiasco (more on Carillion this month). We'll cover this topic in March.

4. Delivering Results - how to hit objectives - and get recognition from the board! More on this in April.

5. Providing innovation and added value - what extra can you deliver that will boost your whole organisation? Our final topic will be explored in May.

Also over the coming months, we'll serialise our ultimate guide to improving performance through estates management. It's a must-have reference for any estates professional. 

I hope you find our January insights informative. Please do get in touch about anything in this edition, or if you would like to discuss how your buildings and estates can improve the performance of your organisation.

John O'Brien
Founder and MD
t: 01295 722823


January's theme

Money - hit budget and reduce cost 

Buildings are expensive to acquire and costly to operate. Due to inflation, the fluctuating pound, and economic uncertainty, money is today's top concern for estates leaders, especially when performance objectives are so high. 

The good news is by meticulously analysing cost and activity, we have seen savings of up to 25%. The first three areas to look for cost reduction opportunities are: your procurement approach; hard and soft FM and operational services; and finally energy.

Download our "Top Tips for reducing your real estate costs" for our teams tips on reducing your real estate costs.


Our ultimate guide to improving business performance through estate management

Many organisations do not fully appreciate the huge impact buildings have on efficiency, competitive positioning and growth. Organisations whose buildings align with business strategy see dramatic improvements to their competitive advantage, cost base, finances and environmental sustainability.

These benefits may take some time to realise, but can be deep and transformational. 

We at LCMB are lucky to have a unique blend of detailed technical, operational, energy and facilities management expertise, and we’ve driven major estate transformation programmes for many organisations.

We created several guides by pulling together our clients’ experiences, our expertise, and carefully selected third party resources. Read our latest article here on how to improve your business performance through estate management. 

.... or download the full guide.

For businesses: Our ultimate guide to improving business performance

For education: Our guide for higher education performance


Carillion - what it means for you?





Huge corporate collapses occur with depressing regularity. Barings, WorldCom, Enron, Northern Rock, Lehman… each had their specific cause but they were all victims of spectacular misjudgement.

Carillion’s stats are eye watering: 43,000 employees, £900m debts and a £587m pension deficit. The government was pretty reliant on Carillion - it was the Ministry of Defence’s biggest military base manager, and a huge FM service provider for hospitals, courts, schools and key infrastructure projects. 

A desperate scramble for cashflow
Carillion continued to bid for and win contracts despite profit warnings and cost overrun.

Read our latest blog on Carillion - what it means for us all?


LCMB joins the NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) framework




LCMB are proud to join the LPP dynamic purchasing framework, a membership organisation, founded and funded by NHS organisations. Working with members, the framework supports the NHS and public sector to make the most of its purchasing power. 

LCMB can be engaged for the following professional services through LPP:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Project Management
  • FM and Building Operations and Asset Management Consultancy
  • Built Environment Consultancy and Workplace Transformation
  • Estates Strategy and Business Case Development


For more information contact Rudi du Plessis, Director of Operations, LCMB 


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LCMB's ultimate guide to improving business performance through estates management


News Round up

This month the following news stories caught the LCMB teams’ attention.

Where did it go wrong for Carillion?

Davos 2018: Mnuchin says US ‘very supportive’ of UK on Brexit 

Britain must become a leader in the Artificial Intelligence industrial revolution 

LCMB Workplace Optimisation


Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+) is a LCMB innovation to improve workplace productivity by 10% and reduce energy use by 30% by optimising ventilation, light, noise and other indoor environmental factors.

LCMB are proud to work with partners Innovate UK, EPSRC, Argent, King’s College London, Emcor UK, British Council for Office, Constructing Excellence, Oxford Brookes University to develop an indoor environmental quality model to maximise worker productivity. Contact Tom Cudmore, Senior Consultant on t: 01295 722823 e: or visit to find out more.

LCMB's accelerated ROI audit

Too many organisations spend large sums of money on the wrong initiatives that generate a poor return or even a loss.

This is why we created the LCMB accelerated ROI audit. It cuts through the noise and quickly, clearly identifies the untapped performance improvement areas within your buildings.

The audit uncovers operational inefficiencies such as under-utilised space and facilities, as well as cost and energy reduction opportunities, and then provides a clear plan for realising potential.

By implementing the plan, we guarantee the audit pays for itself within 6 months and thereafter generates a positive return.

Contact John O’Brien on t: 01295 722823, e: to discuss how the LCMB accelerated ROI audit can improve your organisation performance and return on investment.

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