The ultimate guide to the productive workplace

LCMB launches “Our ultimate guide to the productive workplace”

“How is human performance and productivity influenced by buildings?”

Our team at LCMB is motivated to make buildings perform at their best. We think the ultimate measure of a well performing building is improved productivity and wellbeing of the building’s users – at an affordable cost.

So together with Innovate UK and a consortium of industry partners, we spent the last three years researching these issues.

We crunched lots of data to discover how Indoor Environmental Quality factors including temperature, humidity, light, noise, CO2 and VOCs alter people’s motivation, cognitive capability, productivity and wellbeing.

We established the optimum levels, and found that alarmingly, most workplaces fall well short of these levels, which means that people’s productivity and output suffers.

Armed with this evidence, we created a straightforward five step process for companies to improve the working environment for their people. By following our process, your organisation should benefit from:

  • Improved staff performance
  • Reduced risk of human error in mission critical situations
  • Enhanced wellbeing
  • Improved staff recruitment
  • Better staff retention and avoidance of recruitment and training costs due to staff attrition

If you are interested in learning more, download the guide here.

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