LCMB Green Breakfast enjoyed by all

LCMB Green breakfast hears Victoria PrentisMember of Parliament for North Oxfordshire discuss Government green plans for this parliament.

Victoria Prentis, MP for North Oxfordshire joined the LCMB Green Breakfast on Friday 18th September to present an overview of the Government’s economic and green policies for the next five years and how they’ll impact North Oxfordshire.

Victoria explained the current and forecast state of the economy and the support available to SME’s. She also summarised the progress since 2010 with the creation of the world’s first Green Investment Bank and renewable energy generation trebled to 19%. She summarised the UK’s Construction 2025 strategy, the policy for Zero Carbon Homes and other green policies.

She outlined Government ambitions for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and invited interested parties to become involved in the Solar Energy and FIT’s consultation. She concluded by overviewing the local impact of these policies

You can view Victoria’s presentation by following the link.

Victoria commented after the event:

Having grown up on a farm, I care deeply about the environment and am keen to continue to promote this message. I am conscious of my Carbon footprint, and try to re-use and recycle as much as possible. We are very fortunate in North Oxfordshire to have a number of impressive examples of innovation within the ‘green’ sector: Our eco-town in Bicester, environmentally conscious businesses and forward-thinking Local Authority. We need to make sure that Bicester can blossom into a Garden Town, while maintaining equally strong environment standardsacross the region.

I hope to do my part in maintaining the Government’s reputation as the greenest Government ever.


John O’Brien, LCMB Founder and MD had the following to say after the event:

Victoria’s presentation was really interesting and it is great to see that the Government is keen on continuing to keep the UK at the forefront of green innovation. We are really proud to be playing our part as a high growth green business that has saved our clients millions of pounds and thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions over the last 5 years by making their buildings work harder.


If you are interested in attending our future Green Breakfast or learning more about the work of LCMB then get in touch by contacting John O’Brien, Founder and MD by phone on 01295 722823 or by email.




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