LCMB articles in FM World Magazine

LCMB articles in FM World Magazine

This article was written for the February Edition of FM World by Anna Stanton, Senior Consultant LCMB Building Performance Ltd

All Change!

Like alot of people at this time of year I tend to take some time out to reflect on work and family life and think about what I’d like to try and change over the next 12 months.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend days in contemplation but a little bit of self-reflection is not a bad thing.

Change is part of our day to day lives.  From changing job or career to leaving Europe by way of a ‘hard’ Brexit or Friday’s inauguration of a divisive new US President, change presents opportunities, challenges, a tidal wave of emotions and a lot of chat on twitter.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the WIFM Annual Conference ‘Leading from the future: FM in the new millennium’.  Like last year, the speakers were interesting, informative and inspiring and the day was packed full of content mixed with humour (the image of the Amazon dash buttons c/o Sam Clark of Conjure was a particular highlight!) and it left me asking myself what changes lie ahead for FM and how can FM make a difference?

So what did I take away from the conference?

  • Embrace change. FM can’t stand still. Like everything else in life our clients are constantly having to change and FM can play a pivotal role. Traditionally, FM tended to react to change. But that’s changing and FM needs to help innovate, lead and drive transformation.
  • Embrace technology as this is going to drive how organisations create people powered places. Connectivity is key and will be a key enabler for FM and the work place at large. You only have to look at Generation Y and technology is part of their DNA.  And with technology comes information and data on everything from buildings and services to processes and people and this is going to drive performance and productivity.
  • Review our approach to FM recruitment. Focus on collaboration and commitment and grab the diverse range of skills on offer with both hands.  Generation Y want to learn on the job, test out their skills and find out where they work best and create a work life balance.  They don’t want to fit in at work.  They want to flourish.
  • Be an expert. FM needs to focus on promoting and sharing expertise not selling skills in procurement or contract management.  Yes, these core skills are important but providing solutions to problems and looking at how to add value, improve processes, increase building performance, optimise efficiency that’s where FM can make a difference

FM is no longer just about supporting the core activities of the business.  It’s about realising the potential of people, places and processes. As for me?  What changes am I going to make? Well, in the wise words of Penny Haslam, I’m going to stop colouring in and take a leap of faith.  After all, I am an expert.


A second article by Anna was also published in the February edition of FM World – click here to view

The LCMB team can improve the performance and productivity of your buildings and supply chains to increase your organisation’s return on investment and competitiveness. If you would like to explore how our team can help you procure the right FM partner or improve the performance of your existing arrangements contact: Rudi du Plessis, Associate Director on t:01295 722823 or by email.

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