You are cordially invited to an evening centred on energy and carbon management. Cristina Calleja, LCMB’s Senior Energy and Carbon Consultant, will share LCMB’s experiences at Birmingham Airport where we have been delivering Carbon and Energy savings since 2013. Birmingham Airport serves over 10 million passengers a year and has plans to double capacity by 2020. In a very challenging environment the airport has achieved a 5% reduction in energy consumption and a 26% reduction in Carbon emissions per passenger. Richard Knight (Deputy Director, Energy and Strategy) at the Energy Technolgies Institute will deliver a keynote discussion on “Transitioning the UK energy system to 2050″. Richard will summarise the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning the UK energy system to a very low carbon future. He will review the current make-up of the UK energy system and the UK’s long-term energy targets and go on to describe the ETI’s analysis of what is required over the next 35 years to deliver these targets

Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Time: 5.30pm-7.15pm

Venue: Severn Trent Water, Endeavour House, Raynesway, Derby, DE21 7BE

For further information please read our “keeping the lights on” flyer If you would like to attend please contact, [email protected]    
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