How to Future Proof your estate

Often, a brief for a building will be out of date as soon as it’s been defined.

By the time the building is in use, the needs of your business and the building’s users are likely to differ from what was originally intended during design. For this reason, we suggest you interrogate the fundamental reasoning behind the investment drivers for the new building or refurbishment and think about how those drivers may change in the future.

This will allow you to consider how you could cost effectively build flexibility, resilience and adaptability into the building, and the way it’s serviced and operated. This will prevent some, but not all, costly future adaptions to your buildings and estate.

  1. What is your businesses strategy and plan for the next five years, and is your estates strategy and business plan aligned with this? Does your estates plan take into account the material changes necessary to deliver the overall strategy and business plan?

  2. Does your estate plan support anticipated changes to customers and staff numbers, and demands on your estates resulting from changes to services or products offered? Have you identified the gaps?

  3. What are the macro market or customer trends over the next five years that require estates planning?

  4. What projects are likely to deliver the best improvement in customer experience, staff performance and productivity?

  5. What capital projects are not yet planned but likely to take place just beyond the current estates planning horizon?

If you like to discuss how you can future proof your current investments or unlock a current bottleneck then contact John O’Brien, MD and Founder on tel: 01295 722823, e: [email protected] for an informal chat.

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