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How technology improves workspace performance for a global financial services firm

Our client is a top global financial services firm. Operating in a highly competitive environment, they were looking for further productivity improvements to gain a competitive advantage.

We were tasked with ensuring their building makes the biggest contribution possible to their business objectives.

ROI drivers

It was important for us to fully understand their primary ROI drivers which were:

  • To optimise space utilisation
  • To remove single points of failure and improve business continuity planning
  • To improve staff productivity


Our client moved into a brand-new state of the art headquarters, housing 6,000 people in London’s financial services centre.


Our client felt there was a lack of data detailing how the building was performing. They were interested in how technology could be used more intelligently to help them operate their building more effectively.

We were tasked to look at how the building performed from a workplace environment, and human (ergonomic) perspective.


We used internet of things (IoT) technology to measure key environmental metrics on a continual basis over an extended period to gather this data.

The key metrics we measured are the variables that have been proven in the laboratory as well as in real-world conditions, to affect productivity and wellbeing including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, VOC levels, noise levels, light levels and occupancy levels.

We also looked closely at variability of conditions within small areas of the workplace to understand how stable conditions are within the workspace.

In addition, we inspected plant configuration and analysed staff survey data.


We identified areas which had a potentially negative effect on people’s productivity and wellbeing, and ultimately could compromise the commercial output of the organisation. 

Next, we identified single sources of failure within the buildings that could be addressed cost effectively, to avoid future catastrophic or high impact commercial events.

Within two months of commencement we provided clear and comprehensive recommendations to improve the working environment, prioritised according to ROI and ease of implementation which allows our client to immediately recover our full fees for this work.


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