Gaining an extra edge from your buildings and estates

The most recent report by the National Audit Office, which measures UK productivity shows that on average UK workers are a third less productive per hour than French, German and US workers.

In office buildings, the salary cost of staff can exceed the capital cost, energy and maintenance costs, by 40 and 200 times respectively. This means that finding a way to improve worker productivity, offers UK organisations a tremendous opportunity for improving their competitive position at a national and international level.


The World Green Building Council published the Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices report in 2014, which provides compelling evidence to demonstrate that improving Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) optimises worker productivity, reduces absenteeism and lowers staff turnover. Yet despite this conclusive evidence, improved IEQ is still not a priority in building design and construction. This means that most, if not all existing buildings are not optimised for worker productivity. The economic advantages of optimising buildings for improved productivity would be very significant.

The UK Green Building Council calculates the cost to the UK of workers not working as well as they could, on top of sickness and absenteeism, are over £100 billion per year.

Research published by RICS shows UK businesses spend £1 billion per annum more than they need to operating their real estate. According to the Carbon Trust, large UK businesses are paying out more than £1.6 billion too much on their energy use every year, because many have yet to seize the full opportunity to cut bills through energy efficiency measures. When you also consider the impact improved productivity, reduced operational cost and energy use can have on a businesses bottom line, one can clearly see that paying attention to how your buildings are run offers businesses a great opportunity to develop an edge, over those that do not.

Over the last seven years our business LCMB, building performance specialists, have been helping clients improve the performance of their buildings. We are also undertaking ground breaking research to optimise buildings for worker productivity as part of our Innovate UK supported Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+) project.

Gaining an extra edge on your buildings and estates

Based on this work and our research, we have developed WLP+ Insights which are designed to allow us to benchmark the performance of our client’s people and buildings to identify the interventions that can be made to improve organisational productivity, reducing cost and risk leading to an improvement on the return on investment our clients get from their assets.

Our work and research to date shows that when organisations implement the actions our methodology identifies they have the ability to improve worker productivity by 10%, reduce operating costs by up to 15%, energy by 20% and significantly improve their return on investment.


If you are interested in exploring how our WLP+ Insights methodology can be used to improve your organisations competitive position and the return on investment you get from your buildings and real estate then contact John O’Brien, Founder and MD of LCMB on t: 01295 722823, or by email or visiting,

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