Managing a Safe and Productive Return To Your Workplace Webinar

22nd July 2021 at 11am

With the goverment set to release us all from COVID-19 restrictions on 19th July 2021 our July webinar, 11am Thursday 22nd July 2021, will return to this topic offering
practical advice, insights and guidance on how you can manage a safe return to your workplaces for your employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Over the last 15 months we have all been implementing and managing COVID secure workplaces as we grew to better understand the nature of the pandemic and how to keep our workplace safe.

We are now moving into the beginning of the end phase of the COVID pandemic in the UK and our July webinar will highlight and address the following issues:

  • How was and will the guidance and best practice for workplace change based on the 19 July changes
  • Practical tips on how to stay safe and COVID secure as you reoccupy your workplaces
  • Insights into how to improve  the health, wellbeing, performance and productivity of your workplaces
  • How to future proof your workplace and organisation over the coming 12 to 18 months for working changes as we emerge from the pandemic.

Our special guests joining us are Pete Moores, Chief Problem Solver, PBM Consulting Ltd, Tom Peronnet, Director of Property Services, Universal Music Group and Joe Nettleton, Head of Facilities, Havas.

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