Achieving Net Zero in the Construction Industry

7th July 2022 at 2pm

Join us to discuss net zero, sustainability and the future of the construction industry- from building to powering and heating them.

Joined by Director of Innovation and Sustainability, Stewart Dalgarno from Stuart Milne, we will be discussing how the future of construction and in particular, house building is changing, in this net zero world. We are also being joined by Adetunji Lawal who is the Carbon and Energy Manger for Align JV. Adetunji’s particular interest in building automation, alternative energy systems, net zero transition, renewable power, and heat pumps.

We will discuss the pathways and challenges to net zero construction on major projects.

So why is it important that the construction industry develops a net zero approach?

  • Buildings account for over half of our carbon emissions in the UK- with building, powering and heating them emitting huge amounts of CO2
  • Surprisingly, an average new build home is responsible for a huge 80 tonnes of carbon in its construction*. Concrete alone, requires heat and energy inputs resulting in about one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions for every one tonne of cement produced.

How has the construction industry already started the move to net zero?

House builders are addressing the often-overlooked embodied carbon of construction the home itself. The government’s Future Home Standard aims to ensure that all new houses from 2025 will produce 75 per cent less carbon emissions than existing new-builds.

Technologies are being added to new builds showcasing solar panels, air source heat pumps, SMART LED lighting, rainwater harvesting, EV charging points and infrared heating will help with the low carbon operation of the building.

Advanced Industrialised Methods for the Construction of Homes (AIMCH) is a pioneering approach which builds houses offsite using robotics, digital business systems and BIM which reduces the carbon impact of the construction process dramatically.

Guest speakers

As the Director of Innovation and Sustainability for Stuart Milne, Stewart Dalgarno is responsible for delivering the groups sustainability strategy. He will be giving an insight into the continuous improvement, research and development and sustainability involved in the construction industry. Stewart focuses on the introduction of new products, systems and processes, as well as lean site assembly and other important parts of the construction industry.

Our second guest is Adetunji Lawal is the Carbon and Energy Manager for Align JV, focused on delivering a complex tunnelling and viaduct construction project. He has particular interest in building automation, alternative energy systems, net zero transition, renewable power, and heat pumps.


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