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Delivering world class performance from our buildings


A great deal has been written about building world class organisations. An only slightly smaller amount has been said about building world class buildings. So does it really matter that practically nothing has been discussed about delivering world class performance from buildings?

My argument is that it certainly does! We’re in an age where most aspects of delivering world class performance have been examined in minute detail, yet we seem to have ignored the impacts of realising more value from and in our buildings. After all, buildings represent most organisations’ second largest largest investment.

When people spend more than 90% of their working lives in buildings it seems obvious:

Buildings designed and operated with worker productivity in mind will help organisations to deliver better performance, over those that do not.


Over the last few years our work at LCMB to improve the performance of our clients’ buildings, in many different sectors, has thrown up some common challenges and lessons. Most organisations quickly outgrow the functionality and flexibility originally designed into their buildings and we find that they are adapting their way of working to the building rather than vice versa. Invariably there is enormous opportunity to deliver more value from the buildings by critically examining their purpose, how they support the organisational aims and workflows and sympathetically streamlining the way they are operated. Such an approach can lead to more productive outcomes within building, whilst making the buildings themselves more financially and environmentally sustainable. For example in office buildings, the salary cost of staff can exceed energy and maintenance costs and the capital cost of the building by 40 and 200 times respectively, over the life of the building. This means that improving the way building impact on staff productivity can deliver huge benefits to these organisations.

If you look up “world class” in the Oxford English Dictionary it is defined as “..a thing of or among the best in the world”. At LCMB we have just launched a project called Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+), with the support of the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), which aims to identify the best indoor conditions for enhancing people productivity and improving their wellbeing. This work will help us take a step closer to truly defining and realising world class building performance from existing buildings for our clients.


If you are interested in discussing how the LCMB team can help you improve the performance of your buildings then contact John by phone on t: 01295 722823 or email for a free no obligation consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about our WLP+ project you can sign up for our newsletter and updates at


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